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Faculty Profile – Dr. Neda Khanjari

Neda-Khanjari1Neda Khanjari, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management

Office Number: BSB 260
Phone Number: 856-225-6719
Email Address:

Vita: Click here (PDF)

Ph.D., Northwestern University

Expertise: Supply Chain Management, Information Sharing in Supply Chains, Salespeople in Supply chains, Intersection of Marketing and Supply Chain

Research Interests: Professor Khanjari’s research interest is decision making of the firms along the supply chain. When multiple firms in a supply chain make decisions, due to many reasons including (i) the misalignment of their incentives, and (ii) the information asymmetry among them, they might make decisions that is not optimal for the whole supply chain.  In her research, Professor Khanjari comes up with strategies that alleviate this issue.

Professor Khanjari’s research can be divided into the following two main categories: (i) implication of the marketing strategies of the firms on the supply chain members, and (ii) implication of information asymmetry on the supply chain members.

Courses frequently taught: Operations Management, Quantitative Skills, Management Decision Models, and Statistics

Research Papers:

Khanjari, Neda, Seyed M.R. Iravani, Hyoduk Shin (2013) The Impact of the Manufacturer-hired Sales-agent on a Supply Chain with Information Asymmetry, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Journal, 16(1), 76–88.

Khanjari, Neda, Wallace J. Hopp, Seyed M.R. Iravani (2012) Trust and Information Sharing in Supply Chains, Production and Operations Management, 21(3), 444–464.

Khanjari, Neda, Yunchuan Liu (2016) The Impact of Manufacturer SPIFFs on a Supply Chain with Retailer-hired Sales Agent, Working paper.

Khanjari, Neda, Hyoduk Shin, Seyed M.R. Iravani (2013) Information Sharing in Supply Chain of Durable Goods, Working Paper. 

Khanjari, Neda, Linlin Li, Izak Duenyas, Seyed M.R. Iravani (2016) Should Suppliers Grant Capacity Option Transfer Rights? Submitted.