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International Studies at Rutgers in Camden is a unique program, an alternative or supplement to the traditional year or semester abroad sponsored by many American universities. Our emphasis is on integrating brief periods of travel with regularly-offered courses in our university curriculum here in Camden. Each year, usually during the Spring term, the program sponsors between five and ten courses, working with academic departments and individual faculty members to extend the work of the classroom into a first-hand experience of cultural life outside the United States.

School of Business Programs – 2013

Doing Business in South Africa

March 13 – March 25
Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough

The School of Business–Camden  offers a three-credit course on doing business in South Africa.  The program highlight is a 12-day study trip over Spring Break to South Africa, where we will visit businesses, government, and non-profit/community institutions and organizations to learn more about management and marketing practices in this region.  The trip includes stays in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  Learning opportunities arise in all facets of our course and trip, including meetings with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), global companies (e.g., Coca-Cola South Africa), and government entities (e.g., Port ofCape Town).


Doing Business In Brazil

May 24 – June 7
Dr. Briance Mascarenhas

The study and field trip will relate the history, culture, economy, politics, and geography of Brazil to conducting business. After preparatory study at home, students and faculty will travel to Rio de Janeiro and Salvador to continue their exploration and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Brazil. Classes will be held on Saturday mornings in April and May, 2013. The field trip will occur after graduation toward the end of May. Students may not use this course towards graduation in May 2013.