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Minding Your Busine$$


Minding Your Busine$$, the School of Business newspaper, had its start as an idea generated by undergraduate business student, Tuesday Sealtiel, in Spring 2003. Tuesday thought – and rightly so! – that business students would benefit from the “opportunity to share their expertise, practice the skills they have learned, showcase their writing skills, and learn more about business by researching topics and applying them. And, of course, have fun doing so!” (Minding Your Busine$$ editorial, Vol. 1 (1), p. 2).

With entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen reflective of Business School students, Tuesday created a plan for a Business School newspaper and “pitched” it to the dean, who enthusiastically supported the idea. After recruiting editors, writers, and even a cartoonist, the first issue of Minding Your Busine$$ appeared in Fall 2003 to much acclaim and appreciation by the entire Business School community.

Get Involved

Minding Your Busine$$ is eeking writers, editors, cartoonists, bloggers, puzzle makers,and others who are interested in building greater appreciation of business and our great Business School community through the gathering and sharing of information. Get involved by contacting Editor Mike Bruder at

Past Issues

  • Spring 2011, Issue 2
  • Spring 2011, Issue 1
  • Fall 2010, Issue 2
  • Fall 2010, Issue 1
  • Spring 2010
  • Spring 2009
  • Spring 2008
  • Fall 2007
  • Jan 2007
  • April 2006
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