The Rutgers School of Business–Camden’s mission is to develop ethical, inclusive, and transformational business leaders. Being an integral part of a state flagship university, we at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden are driven towards:

  • providing an intellectually stimulating atmosphere that fosters scholarly activities as emphasized through the development of original thinking used to enrich the quality of the theory and practice of business;
  • delivering an innovative, relevant, and enriching learning experience to a diverse student body that is valued and is evident in our personalized approach to the development and delivery of learning opportunities and experiences for our students; and
  • creating value-added partnerships with corporate and community stakeholders for mutual growth and benefit as our faculty engage in their commitments to the school, the university, the profession, and our community at-large.


The Rutgers School of Business–Camden will be recognized as a regional leader in business education and a destination school of choice with national recognition for excellence in scholarship, teaching, and community partnerships.