The RSBC Wait List is designed for current Business students with advanced standing (Juniors & Seniors with 58 or more credits completed) seeking permission to add a restricted online (BABA 135 major) course.

Submission Deadline for Summer: May 1

  • Notification will be sent by May 4

Submission Deadline for Fall 2017 Submission: August 18

  • Notification will be sent by August 25

Please fill out the form below to be placed on the list:


Students may only submit a request AFTER they have discussed alternate course options with an advisor (will be verified prior to review).



If you are an RSBC student and have completed 75 or more credits, please contact the office at (856) 225-6216 to schedule a Pre-Senior Review.

Full-time Job or Internship Conflict
2 or More Required Courses Conflict
Potential Next Term Graduate
Financial Hardship
Family/Medical Issue
Military Leave

Course(s) Requested in priority order (Must be formatted as 52:###:###)