A Pre-Senior Review is a one-on-one meeting in which students sit down with the Dean of Academic Services to evaluate all coursework completed and develop a clear record of all outstanding academic requirements needed for graduation. These meetings require preparation and thus are not available on a walk-in basis. Call the Academic Services Office at (856) 225-6216 to schedule your Pre-Senior Review.

What’s In a Name: “Pre-Senior Review”vs. “Senior Review”

Many students don’t think about the review process until they are seniors preparing to apply for graduation and want to make sure they have everything lined up. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to disappointment when previously unnoticed requirements come to light and a planned graduation gets postponed.

By undergoing the review process a year before planned graduation, students have time to accommodate unexpected roadblocks and meet their target graduation date. Students are strongly encouraged to schedule a Pre-Senior Review when they have earned 75-90 credits – two semesters prior to their expected graduation date.