To apply for academic credit through an internship, students must follow these three (3) steps:

  1. CONSULT with your Academic Advisor to confirm which approved elective the internship will satisfy
  2. SCHEDULE an appointment with Natalie Cox, Student Experience Officer (SEO) for Internships at or (856) 225-6869, to discuss program structure, eligibility requirements, and discuss next steps
  3. COMPLETE and SUBMIT application documents to the SEO for approval and special permission number to register for the specified internship course


Summer 2018
May 4th
Fall 2018
September 7th
Spring 2019
January 25th

Completed application documents (Internship Registration and Supervisor Agreement Forms) must be submitted to the Internship Coordinator by 5:00 PM on the deadline date to be considered.


  1. Internship Registration Form – to be completed by the student
  2. Supervisor Agreement Form  – to be completed by the internship supervisor, and returned to the student OR emailed to

After submitting application documents, you can expect to receive an email response regarding your application status within 7 days. If approved, you will receive a special permission number for you to register for the course, as well as additional details on how to proceed.

  • Students enrolled in this program are required to adhere to all personnel rules, regulations, and other standard requirements of the host organization and to complete the internship or co-op as agreed. This includes meeting the required hours, start and end dates, and all assignment deadlines.
  • The course requirements also include successful completion of written assignments and evaluations throughout the term. Assignments are an academic component of the course, and these graded assignments are the basis for the course grade.
  • Students can participate in the program a maximum of two (2) times**, OR earn six (6) total credits.

**To earn academic credit a second time, students must work at a different company and/or business unit to ensure diversity of role and applied skills.