Mission Statement

student group raptor 1The Mission Statement of the Ambassadors of the Rutgers Hospitality Management Program is to promote the program of study; motivate and engage current students; and form productive liaisons between prospective students, current students, faculty, alumni and the professionals and local community.
The vision of the organization is to build a sense of student pride and unity through professional development and community outreach and to build an alumni and professional development base that can be a resource for all current and past students.

About the Hospitality Management Ambassadors

Founded in 2008, the organization was founded:

  • to support and encourage the academic, social, and professional pursuits of its constituents,
  • to promote unity among all students of the Hospitality Management Program
  • to promote student scholarship and leadership
  • to promote communication and visibility of the program
  • to enhance the community awareness of our Hospitality Management Program and its constituents and
  • to provide networking opportunities with alumni and outside resources for professional development.

Membership Requirements

  • Student group Raptor 2Maintained a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Must be a current student or alumni of the Rutgers Hospitality Program
  • $10 initiation fee


Jeanine DiNardo
(609) 335-0888

Holly Laird

Advisor: Nathan Levinson
(856) 225-6219