BLDP community members have the opportunity to spend time shadowing a local executive. The arrangement allows the student to accompany the person to meetings, to observe working sessions – whatever that executive has on the agenda for the day. It will be a rare opportunity to see a sampling of what people in that profession, industry or job actually do with their time. Preference will be given to students who have not participated in BLDP Shadowing in the past.

The Application Process

  • Step 1: BLDP Community members should complete the application provided online through link noted below. Up to 10 students will be selected! Space is limited!
  • Step 2: The accumulated applications are reviewed and matched to likely executives through our alumni database.
  • Step 3: Notification Process Begins in the beginning of each semester : Students are notified of the executive match and are responsible for (1) contacting the executive, (2) furnishing pertinent personal information – e.g., current resume and cover letter with additional information, such as career aspirations, and (3) scheduling a day on which the student can be available for the entire day and fits the availability of the executive.
  • SBC will contact the executives will be given the name of their matched student and your contact information.

Your Responsibilities

  • After notified of a match, students are responsible for providing personal information to the matched executive (e.g., current resume and cover letter with information on career ambitions). The information on this application is for internal use only, for us to match you as well as possible with and executive from among our alumni database.
  • Thank you letters sent by students to executives.
  • Feedback solicited on the experience via one-page writeup

Please participate in or plan to participate in the future! Please note, that we know how busy you all are and great care will be taken to create a strong match of interests and schedules. Please think about this in terms of career planning knowledge, as well as a tremendous networking boost. Take the time to submit your application and make note on your calendar of the three week window for scheduling shadowing days.


Apply for Shadowing Day.