Completion of the BLDP will consist of coursework and non-coursework opportunities for active development of leadership skills and habits. Opportunities carry point or credit value in “leadership units.” In order to complete the program, students must earn a total of 14 leadership units while enrolled in a Rutgers-Camden academic program.

  • Units must include both coursework-based opportunities and non-coursework opportunities, with non-coursework comprising at least four units of the 14 total required units.
  • Students must declare their intent to complete the program before the beginning of their final semester (i.e. one semester before graduation) and meet with the director to confirm and plan the activities leading to completion. Students should fill out a draft of the verification form and bring it to meet with the Director one semester prior to graduation.
Coursework-Based Opportunities

Coursework-Based Opportunities

A. BLDP Seminars available by application only (3 units)

  • Every seminar includes special access to business executives (the target is that at least 50% of the course be comprised of executive involvement).
  • Every seminar includes emphasis on communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Every seminar explores speaker insights into career planning and career management, with an emphasis on networking and other career survival skills.
  • Seminars will be offered by faculty in each business discipline and occasional special topics in leadership.
  • Students may apply for a second seminar that differs substantially from the first they took. However, equally qualified applicants who have not yet had a seminar opportunity are given preference.
  • Future consideration: more than one seminar per semester may be offered based on demand and faculty availability.

B. Honors Thesis – research experience under the coaching of a faculty member; by application only

  • Potential Earned Units: six units for completion of two semester involvement with
    • grade of B or higher with no lesser unit potential
  • Non-SBC Research Projects within CCAS may be submitted to the Director for consideration
    • To be considered for BLDP Honors units, non-SBC Research courses/projects must be comparable in structure, supervision, rigor, and requirements to the Honors Thesis Option
    • They must require in independent research project under the direction of a full-time faculty member, a comprehensive research paper, and a research presentation

C. Leadership courses that are part of regular Rutgers curriculum and are open enrollment

Potential Earned Units:

  • 3 credit, non-BLDP course earns 2 units with final grade of B or higher
  • 1.5 credit, non-BLDP course earns 1 unit with final grade of B or higher
  • Lesser units for a lower grade requires review by Director
  • Approved Leadership Courses:

General Guidelines: classes that qualify for leadership units are those for which enrollment is by special selection only. The one exception is the academic “Leadership” courses, in which the entire semester is devoted to the theme of this program.

Non-Coursework-Based Opportunities

Non-Coursework Opportunities* within the School

A. Holding office for a recognized student organization (marketing, management, finance, accounting associations; campus student government board; honors societies; DECA; Beta Alpha Psi). Possible 2.5 units per semester for top office; up to two units per semester for all others. Must be verified by advisor.

B. Major coordinating/leadership role for large campus/school event or activity (e.g., multi-school accounting tournament; planning leadership program outings/events; etc.) (up to 3 units available based on outline of responsibilities and time involved, using comparison to item A as guide and approved by director in advance).

General Guidelines: activities must be verifiable both in terms of the level of responsibility held (leadership, not just participation), estimated time involved and specific outcomes if possible.

Non-Coursework Opportunities* Outside or Peripheral to the School

A. Holding office in a recognized professional organization related to planned career field (up to two units per semester or four units for the year).

B. Verifiable leadership position in other recognized organizations (e.g., sororities/fraternities, sports, church or other non-profit organizations (up to 1.5 units per semester or three units per year).

C. Major coordinating/leadership role for an event or process outside standard job activities (e.g., role in professional organization that is appointed rather than elected office; organizing a fund-raising event or complete project for a non-profit that is not your employer) (up to three units).

General Guideline: activities must be verifiable both in terms of the level of responsibility held (leadership, not just participation), estimated time involved and specific outcomes if possible.

*Special Notes

*Special Notes

Activities must be verifiable both in terms of the level of responsibility held (leadership, not just participation), estimated time involved and specific outcomes if possible.

All leadership units are subject to verification. At the end of every semester, faculty advisors will be asked to complete a verification form evaluating the performance of individuals in their roles as officers; outside activities must be similarly verifiable.

Units are shown by the maximum available but lower units are available, e.g., a prorated award based on holding office in a professional organization for a partial year rather than a full year; relative recognition of different project involvement based on time involved and leadership demands.

Students may not be hold two offices simultaneously in RSBC organizations for which there is substantial overlap of duties and receive full leadership BLDP units for both offices, e.g., holding an office in both The Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi concurrently where there may be frequent joint activities and events for the two organizations. In such situations, there will be an appropriate reduction in the number of BLDP units that the student can earn in one of the organizations. Holding offices simultaneously in an RSBC student organization and a non-RSBC student organization would be allowable, however, in that there will not be overlapping duties.

Generally, activities for which a student receives compensation would not be eligible to earn BLDP units.

Students are responsible to verify in advance with the Director that offices, all projects, and any courses not specifically named here whether it will be accepted for Leadership units.

Campus Honors Certification Activities

Campus Honors Certification Activities

Individual BLDP Recruiting

Visit a classroom at your convenience (with prior faculty approval), to explain BLDP to students.

Units Earned: 0.5 for 5 visits

Sign Up: Dr. KS

BLDP Lunch & Learn

Event: Spring 18 Information Session

Wednesday, October 18th 11:20 to 12:20 pm
Thursday, October 19th 12:45 to 1:45 pm

Volunteers needed to discuss your experiences as a BLDP student.

Units Earned: 0.5 per sesson

RSVP: Bridget Britton

BLDP Event Coordinator

Event: BLDP Quarterly Business Outlook

Tuesday, October 24th 8:00-9:45 am

Coordinator will assist with recruiting BLDP participants, assist director with registration, coordinate carpools, arrive at start time & greet attendees, take group photos.

Units Earned: up to 1.5

RSVP: Bridget Britton

Executive Lunch Host

Event: Executive Lunch with Severino Pasta

Thursday, November 2nd 12:45-1:45 pm

Host will assist with participant recruiting, set up the room, introduce the program, lead questions, close the program and thank speakers & participants.

Units Earned: 0.5

RSVP: Bridget Britton

Internship Fair Volunteer

Event: Career Center Internship Fair

Wednesday, November 8th 8:30 to 11:00 am

Volunteers needed for as long as you are available to assist with setup and employer registration.

Units Earned: 0.5 to 1 depending on time & responsibility

RSVP: Terri Smith, Employer Relations Coordinator

Event Steering Committee

Event: BLDP Networking Night at the Victor

Thursday, December 7th 6:00-10:30 pm

Form a committee to select menu, coordinate room reservation & setup, plan charity donations, market event to students & alumni, organize greeters, nametags, etc.

Units Earned: 0.5 to 3 depending on time & responsibility

0.5 for event greeter who meets guests & introduces alumni to everyone

0.5 for designing a BLDP handout – must be approved by Dr. KS and/or Bridget

RSVP: Bridget Britton


Overview of the Business Leader Development Program (BLDP)

Examples of how a student might complete the required 14 Leadership Units

Activity Units
Take one BLDP seminar course 3
Hold office (other than President) in a student organization for academic year 4
Complete an Honors Thesis 6
Coordinate special event for professional organization 1
Total units 14
Activity Units
Take one BLDP seminar course 3
Hold office of President in a Student Organization for academic year 5
Coordinate a special event for professional organization 2
Coordinate special event within SBC 2
Take open enrollment Leadership course 2
Total units 14
Activity Units
Take one BLDP seminar course 3
Hold office (other than President) with a professional organization for one year 4
Hold office (other than President) in a student organization for academic year 4
Organized/chaired a major charity event at one’s church or temple 2
Coordinate a special event with School of Business 1
Total units 14
Activity Units
Take two BLDP seminar courses 6
Hold office of President in a student organization for one semester 2.5
Hold office (other than President) in a student organization for academic year 4
Coordinate special event(s) for SBC 2
Total units 14.5

Note: These are just samples to demonstrate the variety that is possible and your individual program is likely to be different from any shown here