St. Joseph’s Parish Gym

Social Responsibility of Business Students, SBC Faculty and Staff Renovate St. Joseph’s Parish Gym

Climb a Mountain

MBA Students Help South African Elementary Students Climb a Mountain:

Marjorie Branin and Susan King enrolled in the International Business Study program to South Africa in March 2005 with intentions of learning about how business is conducted across international borders. Not only did they learn about management and marketing practices in the region, they also were inspired to make a difference in the lives of elementary school students in an impoverished township near Cape Town.

The School of Business has “adopted” Kalksteenfontein Primary School, an elementary school serving 400 K – 7th graders in a community with high unemployment, high adult illiteracy rates, and other legacies of apartheid. For two years, School of Business faculty, students, and others have supported Kalksteenfontein with funding for a lunch program, school and athletic supplies, and items aimed toward enriching the school experience. Each year, our student group visits Kalksteenfontein Primary School, where the “learners” treat us to dancing and singing performances.

Touched by the learners’ enthusiasm and promise, Marjorie and Susan came up with the great idea that graduation from 7th grade should be celebrated with a trip to the top of the mountain – Table Mountain, that is! Marjorie and Susan raised over $1000 so that every 7th grade student at Kalksteenfontein Primary School traveled on a learning- and fun-filled outing in October 2005. The learners were very excited to have the opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of their city and country. Marjorie and Susan and other friends of Kalksteenfontein hope to continue this program each year. All of these activities will help Kalksteenfontein Primary School learners reach their potential.

Kalksteenfontein Primary School, Cape Town, South Africa

School of Business-Camden Contributes to New Library at Kalksteenfontein Primary School, Cape Town, South Africa:

In Spring 2003, the New York Times featured an article about post-apartheid legacies of high unemployment, adult illiteracy, crime, drugs, and gangs in the Cape Flats area near Cape Town, South Africa. The article described the circumstances surrounding an innocent girl’s death in the area due to gang violence, and that many children do not attend school because of an inability to pay the annual school fee (about U.S. $15). Desmone Smith was that 10 year old child who died, and she was a beloved student at Kalksteenfontein Primary School.

A new library reading room will be dedicated in Desmone’s memory and honor at Kalksteenfontein Primary School, Kalksteenfontein, Cape Town, South Africa. The School of Business-Camden at Rutgers University collected and arranged overseas shipping of approximately 2,000 reading books for the new and improved library. Although we can never right the wrong of this child’s premature passing, Desmone has inspired action on the part of faculty, staff, students, and friends of the School of Business-Camden at Rutgers University. In the past two years, this network of “Friends of Kalksteenfontein Primary School” has worked to enrich school life, including funding a lunch program and a teacher’s salary for two years, and donating much-needed school supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment, clothing, and rain ponchos. The “Friends” network also created, funded, and administered a class outing for graduating seventh graders at Kalksteenfontein Primary School. Sharing a common belief that education can transform lives and that business know-how can be marshaled to address resource needs, we at the School of Business-Camden are honored to partner with the teachers and administrators at KPS. Our thanks to the many “Friends” who have supported these endeavors.

Camden Angels Project

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