The School of Business – Camden (SBC) recently inaugurated a “good works” committee made up of staff and faculty volunteers. We developed a statement of our vision, mission, and goals: To support and facilitate the “good works” of the SBC for improving both our local and global communities. We also determined that good works initiatives should fit with, leverage, and/or contribute to our core missions of teaching, research, and service.

In the past, we’ve partnered with D.U.E. Season Charter School, Camden, NJ and supported the Camden Angels project, sponsored by the Rutgers-Camden Campus Center. Professor Gayle Porter’s Social Responsibility of Business class, along with faculty and staff, renovated the gymnasium at St. Joseph’s Parish, Camden, NJ. Through our international business course on doing business in South Africa, faculty, staff and students of the School of Business have provided some support to an elementary school in Cape Town, South Africa. Read more to learn about our projects and programs.

For More Information, Contact…

Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, Ph.D.

Julie Ruth, Ph.D.

…or anyone serving on the Good Works Committee.