event cancelled due to COVID-19

co-sponsored by Beta Alpha Psi 

This event has been canceled due to COVID-19

  • This is an event hosted by Rutgers–Camden School of Business where current students, alumni, local business owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs (new and experienced) will showcase and exhibit their goods, services, ideas and concepts to promote, connect, and share! We are here to highlight the ventures of students (current or alumni) whether it be a hobby venture or a registered business. The multi-purpose room will have an expo-style layout with entrepreneurs having tables. Businesses may provide a 1-2 minute promo video that will play on a loop throughout the event. There will also be 20-minute group sessions in a separate area that will highlight a key component of being an entrepreneur – Such as Start-up 101 / Demystifying Funding / Scaling up the Side Gig / Why Businesses Fail. A “Consulting Corner” with tables and chairs will also be available for attendees. There will be no sales/money exchange at this event.

Questions? Comments? For more information contact Carla Mandell (carla.mandell@rutgers.edu