The Employee Engagement Committee invites you to lunch with the bunch…of characters!

Impress your coworkers with your clever costumage, or your snazziest halloween-themed attire — yes, your socks and vest count, Mr. Professional, but go big or go home! (HR Note: to clarify, definitely do not go home. This idiom does not constitute permission to leave at noon.)
The best costume wins a prize! Who doesn’t love prizes? Not you!

We provide the “witches hat pizza” and “spooky salad”. But if you want a treat, here’s the trick: YOU have to bring it!

Let us know what dessert you plan to bring – that way we can intervene before we wind up with 6 festive variations on rice krispy treats and no cookies. That would be truly frightening!

Date & Time
October 31, 2017
12:00 pm-2:00 pm