Professor David Vance CPADavid E. Vance, MBA, CPA, JD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Office: BSB 229
Phone: (856) 225-6921
CV: Download the PDF

J.D. Rutgers University, School of Law – Camden

MBA Drexel University

CPA New Jersey

Research Interests:

  • Raising capital at all levels from: an entrepreneur’s own resources through angel investors, venture capital, SBICs, initial public offerings, traditional and junk bonds and commercial paper. This topic includes: work on valuation techniques and the structure of private equity deals and federal and state securities laws.
  •  Corporate restructuring which involves identification of the root causes of poor performance and strategies for improvement. This interest is integrative bringing together tools and theories from: accounting, finance, economics, management and marketing. A related interest is bankruptcy and other laws that impact corporate restructuring.
  • Tax Reform is important because the economy works best when people have the maximum incentives to work save and invest and taxes reduce incentives. On the other hand, taxes are necessary for a civilized society. He has drafted a five page tax code which should generate as much revenue for the federal government as the existing tax code, be much simpler,and minimize the burden on incentives. See Tax Reform PDF
  • Courses Taught: Raising Capital; Corporate Restructuring; Management Accounting; Foundations of Global Business Economics; Financial Accounting; Management of Investment Banking, Business Policy; Finance; and Financial Markets and Institutions.

Novelist: In the spirit of Rutgers Camden’s love of the arts, he is the author of eight novels and several short stories. More about his fiction writing may be foundat

Professional Activities & Honors: Member – Turnaround Management Association.

Representative Publications:

  • Business Essentials, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018 IBSN978-1-5275-1311-2
  • “Algorithm for Lease Terms, Cost and Profits” Journal of Applied Finance and Banking, 8(6), p157-170, 2018.
  • “A New Algorithm for Internal Rate of Return,” Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 21(8), p1-9, 2018.
  • “Are there Simple Indicators as to Which IPOs Outperform the Market Over the Long Term?” British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade, 2(2), 189-196, David E. Vance and Briance Mascarenhas, 2014.
  • Raising Capital, Springer, April 2005, hardcover 378 pages, IBSN 0-38725319-X, Financial Analysis & Decision Making, McGraw-Hill, November 2002, hardcover 411 pages, IBSN 0-07140665-4, Financial Analysis & Decision Making (Chinese Translation) McGraw-Hill, January 2004, IBSN 957-493759-3, soft cover 411 pages.
Media Guide
Prof. David Vance, clinical associate professor of accounting at the Rutgers School of Business—Camden; author of the book “Raising Capital” (Springer) and the book “Financial Analysis and Decision Making” (McGraw-Hill). He can discuss:


• Materiality (financial statement precision)

• Is “goodwill” income-generating or a plug figure?

Investment Issues:

• Materiality (financial statement precision) and its impact in investor decisions

• Success/failure indicators of IPOs