Emel Kahya, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Accounting
Office: BSB 441
Phone: (856) 225-6724
Email: kahya@camden.rutgers.edu
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Ph.D., Rice University

Dr. Kahya’s research interests include prediction and forecasting methods, business failures, alternative income measurement methods, and international financial markets. Her articles have been published in such journals as Financial Review and the Journal of Business Finance and Accounting.

Courses Taught: Financial Accounting; Intermediate Accounting I and II; Short-Term Financial Management; Cost Accounting; Intermediate Accounting; Financial Statement Analysis; Financial Reporting; International

Representative Publications:

  • “ Aristotle on Economic and Ethics”, (E. Kahya and S. Kim), Applied Economics and Finance Vol. 5, No. 6; November 2018, Published by Redfame Publishing, URL: http://aef.redfame.com.
  • “Finance Methodology of Free Cash Flow” (U. Yaari, A. Nikiforov, E. Kahya, Y. Shachmurove) Global Finance Journal, v.29, February 2016, pp. 1-11.
  • “The Time Series Behavior of Financial Ratios” (E. Kahya, Arav Ouandlous, P. Theodossiou) Managerial Finance, v.27, no.8, 2001, pp 1-1 5.
  • “Predicting Corporate Financial Distress: A Time-Series CUSUM Methodology” (E. Kahya and P. Theodossiou), Review of Quantitative  Finance  and  Accounting. v.1 3 no.4,  1999, pp. 323-345.
  • “Correlation of Returns in Non-contemporaneous  Markets,” (E. Kahya) Multinational Finance Journal, v.l no.2, 1997, pp.1 23-1 35.
  • “Volatility Reversion and Correlation Structure of Returns in Major International Stock Markets” (P. Theodossiou, E. Kahya, G. Koutmos, and A. Christofi) Financial Review, v.32, no.2, 1997, pp.205-224. Also in Yolatilitv: New Techniques for Pricing Derivatives  and Managing Financial Portfolios, Robert Jarrow, ed., Risk Publications,  1998, pp. 275-283.
  • “Prediction of Business Failure: A Funds Flow Approach,” (E. Kahya) Managerial Finance,v.23, no. 3, 1997, pp.64-71.
  • “Financial Distress and Corporate Acquisitions: Further Empirical Evidence” ( P. Theodossiou, E. Kahya, R. Saidi and G. Philippatos) Journal of Business  Finance and Accounting, v.23, no. 5&6, 1996, pp.699-719.
  • “Modeling Volatility of Foreign Exchange Price Changes,” (E. Kahya, G. Koutmos and D. Nuven) Managerial Finance, v.20, no. 516, 1994, pp.51 -66.
  • “The Information  Content of Accounting  Earnings with  Respect to Stock Prices in Greece: An Empirical  Investigation,”  (E. Kahya,  A. Maggina  and P. Theodossiou)  Journal of Multinational Financial Management,  v.3, no. 314, 1993, pp.1 43-1 57. Co-published  in European Equity Markets and Corporate Financial Decisions,  edited by John Doukas, and Ike Mathur, The Haworth  Press,  Inc.,  1993.


Media Guide
Dr. Emel Kahya, associate professor of accounting at the Rutgers School of Business—Camden. She can discuss:


• Cash flow accounting

• Current cost information

• Fund flows and predictions

• International accounting

• Prediction models for business failure

International Business Issues (Accounting):

• International Accounting