Hyun Gon Kim, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
(856) 668-4593 
Room 228
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Ph.D., Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Rutgers Business School

Dr. Kim is an Assistant Professor in Management at Rutgers University. His research interests focus on corporate governance, top management teams, social media marketing strategies, merger and acquisition, board gender diversity, cultural and geographical distance, intellectual property rights, game theory, international trade, and econometrics. His research has appeared in the Journal of Interactive Marketing, and Multinational Business Review.

Research Interests: Strategy, International Business, and Economics

Courses Taught: Business Policy, Strategic Management, International Business, and Multi-national Business

Representative Publications:

  • Kim, H.G., & Cho, S. 2020. Foreign affiliates’ knowledge sourcing from parent firms. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. (Conditionally Accepted).
  • Kim, H.G., Gaur, A.S., & Mukherjee, D 2020. The effects of added cultural distance on ownership decision in cross-border acquisitions. Cross Cultural & Strategic Management. (Accepted).
  • Kim, H.G., & Wang, Z. 2019. Defining and measuring social customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Journal of Marketing Analytics, 7(1): 40-50.
  • Wang, Z., & Kim, H.G. (Equally contributed) 2017. Can social media marketing improve customer relationship capabilities and firm performance? Dynamic capability Perspective. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 39: 15-26.
  • Cho, S., & Kim, H.G. (Equally contributed) 2017. Intellectual property rights protection and technological innovation: The moderating effect of internationalization. Multinational Business Review, 25(4): 350-368.