Age: 21

Rutgers Grad Year: May 2019

Major: Finance

High School: Burlington City High School



1. Faruk, you came here from Burlington City High School, why did you choose Rutgers School of Business – Camden?

For starters, I knew how much emphasis Rutgers School of Business – Camden put on helping 1st generational students become integrated into its campus community. Growing up, I’ve always heard of the prestige and mass-network this school provides to its students.  The fact that the school is located in the Greater Philadelphia area convinced me that I would be presented with a myriad opportunities. Additionally, the school provided a chance for me to complete both my Bachelor of Science, as well as my MBA, in a span of 5 years through an accelerated program that I am ever grateful for.


2. Before all of that, you had a bit of a re-location. Could you tell us about that?

Yes, after completing 1st grade in Turkey, my family decided to move across the globe to Edgewater Park, New Jersey. I remember my parents telling us that the main reason for their decision was to provide us with a better chance at getting a quality education. This motive reminisced with me throughout my college career and helped me stay dedicated to achieving the accomplishments I had set out for myself.


3. Well we’re glad that you ended up with us! What made you want to take on Finance while minoring in Accounting?

Growing up, I was very involved with day-to-day activities of my father’s business. In every obstacle, my brother and I were there to attempt to understand and resolve the issue. This allowed me to engage in business discussions and understand the importance of properly managing the finances of a business. Later in my college career, I decided to add a minor in Accounting because Finance and Accounting go hand-in-hand and to really understand one, you must have an understanding of the other.


4. Have you been able to get involved in the corporate world during your time on-campus?

Yes, I have been interning with JP Morgan since January 2018. Through our campus networking events, I was able to meet a great person from the Firm where her and I discussed the impact and benefits that investment bank has on the overall economy. For the past three academic semesters (including the current one) I have been partaking in the Corporate Finance Internship opportunity that the Firm provides. Additionally, I was a summer analyst in the Global Finance program during the summer of 2018.


5. That’s fantastic! Any other leadership roles you’ve held during your time on-campus?

I have been the Vice President of the Student Finance Association, which helps connect students with recruiters. For example, during my time, we hosted recruiters from JP Morgan Chase where they discussed the opportunities that the Firm provides. Also, I’ve been the treasurer of Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE), a national honor society that recognizes academic excellence. I was inducted into this honor society through my connection with TRIO SSS.


6. Sounds like you’ve been busy. What do you like to do in your free time outside of the classroom? 

I enjoy playing soccer and basketball in my free time outside of the classroom. I enjoy going on adventures and visiting new places that I hadn’t seen before. I try giving back to my community as much as I can, and help out the Academic Services Office of School of Business in my free time. I participate as a panelist speaking to both incoming freshmen students and current students about the importance of doing well in school and networking during your time here.


7. What has surprised you most about Rutgers – Camden from the time you arrived? 

Probably how much professors are willing to help students in terms of going out of their way to give their opinions on academic and career topics. We can hold back from asking questions, but I realized that professors are genuinely wanting to help students achieve their goals. The way I look at it is, I want to get everyone’s perspective on an idea or an issue and sometimes it will be things I don’t want to hear; however, I can evaluate that for myself as long as I know what that person’s perspective is.


8.That is so great to hear! In closing, what’s one piece of advice that you would give the current Burlington City Senior class?

For all those that know what you want, my hats off to you.  For all of those that are still searching for your calling, don’t become frustrated with the process. Often, we are too harsh on ourselves during this time.  However, there must be a larger meaning to all of this.  My one piece of advice to all of you would be to stop looking for a map and find your compass. This will allow you to create new path.  I can guarantee you that sometimes it’ll be easy, but most of the time it will be complicated. Nevertheless, it will be your own path and it will always be interesting!     


Thank you for speaking with us Faruk!