Why Give to the School of Business-Camden?

Rutgers School of Business-Camden is one of the region’s leading thought centers in the world of business education. As a respected school of business, we are an institution concerned with the education of our region’s future business leaders. We are committed to academic excellence through research, business instruction and outreach. We are and will remain an active participant in and a primary driver of economic development in the region.

Because tuition, State and Federal funding now cover less than half the cost of providing the quality of education we deliver, it is imperative that we solicit and secure private philanthropy, just as private universities do.

Among the specific initiatives now in search of funding:

  • Rutgers School of Business-Camden Classroom/Conference Center
  • Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Faculty Development Fund
  • Graduate Program in Healthcare
  • Center for the Study of Family-Owned Business
  • Institute for Management & Executive Development

Supporting these initiatives will increase our ability to:

  • Recruit and retain the best students we can from New Jersey and around the nation.
  • Offer fellowships to attract the best students to our graduate (MBA) programs.
  • Increase the amount of student and faculty research to improve the educational experience and better prepare students for their careers.
  • Create community outreach programs to support local businesses and their employees.