Graduate Programs

Learning Goal

Graduate Objectives

Course Mapping

Critical Thinking and Analytical Decision Making

-Students will demonstrate the capability to interpret and synthesize analysis to draw meaningful conclusions.

Strategic Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Leadership & Human Capital

Teamwork, Interpersonal Relations, and Leadership

-Student will demonstrate the ability to work well in teams and relate interpersonally with others.

-Students will demonstrate the ability to evaluate their leadership capabilities, identify areas of weakness, and develop a leadership blueprint to maximize their leadership potential.

Managerial Skills (teamwork), Leadership & Human Capital (teamwork and leadership), Marketing Management (teamwork)

Communications Impact and Effectiveness 

· Oral

· Written

-Students will demonstrate effective oral presentation skills.

-Students will demonstrate strong written language skills.

Marketing Management, Leadership & Human Capital, Strategic Management

Global Mindset

-Students will demonstrate an understanding  and capability to evaluate business environments outside of the United States.

International Business Environment, Marketing Management, Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical Reasoning

-Students will demonstrate an awareness of various ethical frameworks, including how they relate to their own decision-making and their impact on various stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial Accounting for Managerial Decisions, Marketing Management

Technology Fluency/IT Literacy

-Students will demonstrate conceptual knowledge and literacy of information technology.

IT & Project Management, Operations Management