Recruitment and Marketing Made Simple

Marketing to Students

In addition to traditional internship postings on the web, we actively seek candidates for our corporate partners. We proactively market to students to ensure a large applicant pool and seek students who match the qualifications that your organization is looking for.

Assistance Setting Up an Internship at Your Organization

We understand that many organizations are interested in creating an internship program but may not have all of the answers yet. We are happy to discuss opportunities and strategies to help your organization begin an internship program.

Information Sessions and Speaking Engagements

Employers often find that their organizations gain clout on campus by presenting information about their company or relating to a field that relates to our students. (For example, entering a business field, establishing your place in a team, defining goals and strategies for success, networking, or a subject that a guest speaker is passionate about.) We are able to organized these events for you, making visits to campus a smooth and easy process.

Networking Events

Networking events allow employers to keep their organization fresh in the minds of potential applicants – not just for internships, but for careers. You want to recruit the best and brightest, but they will only apply if they are familiar with your organization. We’re happy to invite your organization to events that we host as well as work with you on events that you are planning.

Already Selected a Student to Intern?

If you have already located the student that you would like to offer an internship to, the process is very simple.

  1. The student must contact the Academic Director of Internships for the semester that they are interested in participating. The Academic Director will review the students’ credentials and verify that they meet Rutgers School of Business-Camden’s requirements to obtain academic credit for an internship. 
  2. Upon the Academic Director’s approval, the student will receive the required paperwork for enrolling in the internship course. Among those papers will be an Supervisor Agreement Form that the internship host must complete, sign, and return via email or fax. (As an alternative, the student may return the form, in-person, to the Academic Director.) 
  3. Once the student has returned all required paperwork and the Employer Request Form has been received, the student will be given a Special Permission Code to enroll in the course.

Supervisor Agreement Form are only given to students whose eligibility has been verified. Rutgers School of Business-Camden does not provide internship hosts with the form prior to the verifying and approving the selected student’s eligibility.

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Cox, Internship Coordinator at Rutgers School of Business-Camden.