Internship Program Eligibility Requirements

The Rutgers School of Business-Camden Internship Program is designed to supplement the academic program by offering qualified students a “real world” employment opportunity to gain professional experience prior to graduation.

  • Internships can be completed during the fall, spring, or summer semester.*
  • Students applying for course credit for their internship must have a Rutgers GPA of 2.75 or above.

  • Students must have completed:

    • English Comp I and English Comp II, plus at least two Business Core courses, OR

    • Business Communications, Principles of Marketing, and Organizational Behavior

  • Students must have a minimum of 60 credits completed at the time of application to the internship course.

  • Students must complete at least 120 hours in their internship position during the semester of course enrollment over 12 weeks in the fall and spring semesters or 8 weeks in the summer.

  • Written assignments pertaining to the internship experience are required, as per the course syllabus.

  • To apply for academic credit through an internship, students must submit the required documents (Student Acknowledgement Form, Internship Registration Form, and Supervisor Agreement Form).

  • Students may obtain an internship that is not related to RSBC and have that position considered for academic credit. Contact Natalie Cox in the Student Experience Center to request approval of this exception.

*Internships that do not align with a traditional semester schedule may still be considered. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Internship Academic Team.

Getting an Internship: Instructions

To apply for academic credit through an internship, students must follow these steps:

1.  CONSULT with your Academic Advisor to confirm which approved elective the internship will satisfy.

2.  SCHEDULE an appointment with Natalie Cox, Student Experience Officer (SEO) for Internships, at or (856) 225-6869, to discuss program structure, eligibility requirements, and discuss next steps.

3.  SEARCH Handshake, job search tools, or personal networks to find internship opportunities, and APPLY for an internship.

4.  PREPARE for the interview. *Check out 21 Secrets to Nailing an Interview and utilize Interview Stream to practice mock interviews.

5. INTERVEW and obtain an internship position offer.

6. After an internship has been secured, COMPLETE and SUBMIT application documents to the SEO for approval and special permission number to register for the specified internship course.

7.  REGISTER for course credit via WebReg and work with the professor to meet the requirements of the course throughout the semester.

Getting an Internship: Deadlines

Completed application documents (Student Acknowledgement Form, Internship Registration Form, and Supervisor Agreement Form) must be submitted to the Internship Coordinator by 5:00 PM on the deadline date to be considered.

  • Spring 2019 (January-May): January 25th
  • Summer 2019 (May- August): April 29h
  • Fall 2019 (September-December): September 6th 

Application Information

Required Internship Forms are available in the Student Experience Center.

  1. Student Acknowledgement Form – to be completed by the student
  2. Internship Registration Form – to be completed by the student
  3. Supervisor Agreement Form – to be completed by the internship supervisor and returned to the student OR emailed to

After submitting application documents, you can expect to receive an email response regarding your application status prior to the start of classes. If approved, you will receive a special permission number for you to register for the course via WebReg, as well as additional details on how to proceed.

Additional Notes:

  • Students enrolled in this program are required to adhere to all personnel rules, regulations, and other standard requirements of the host organization and to complete the internship or co-op as agreed. This includes meeting the required hours, start and end dates, and all assignment deadlines.
  • The course requirements also include successful completion of written assignments and evaluations throughout the term. Assignments are an academic component of the course, and these graded assignments are the basis for the course grade.
  • Students can participate in the program a maximum of two (2) times**, OR earn six (6) total credits.

**To earn academic credit a second time, students must work at a different company and/or business unit to ensure diversity of role and applied skills.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. Where are internship credits applied on my curriculum worksheet?

The application of internship-related credits depends on each student’s unique circumstances and must be reviewed for each student individually. Generally speaking, the credits may be applied as an Approved Elective or Free Elective. Final determination must be determined by your Academic Advisor.

Q. How much coursework is required for the internship course?

Typically, students will be required to complete one paper that identifies and describes the internship employer, a SWOT analysis or critical project that requires the application of a student’s business skills, and an employer evaluation in which students discuss their experience throughout the internship, the new skills they’ve acquired, the challenges they’ve faced, etc. All assignments will be clearly stated on the course syllabus.

Q. I’ve been offered an internship. How do I obtain credits for it?

Students are required to complete three (3) forms from the Student Experience Center: Student Acknowledgement Form, Internship Registration Form, and Supervisor Agreement Form. All forms must be completed, submitted to the Internship Officer in the Student Experience Center, and approved for the student to become eligible for course registration. 

Q. I already have a job. Can my work here count as an internship?

Students are encouraged to complete internships that are related to their studies at RSBC. If you are currently employed at an organization that allows you to apply your academic accomplishments and learn new skills in your field, the position will be considered for internship eligibility.

Q. Can I complete two internships at the same company?

Students are encouraged to seek out experiences at different employers in order to increase their exposure to various corporate cultures and business models. In some cases, a second internship at the employer that the first internship was completed will be considered if 1) the job title has changed and 2) the work completed by the student is markedly different. Support of this change in responsibilities must be documented in writing by the employer.