What is a career Focused Learning Module (FLM)?
What is the difference between an FLM and a concentration?
What career FLMs are currently available?
Do FLMs have a specific course-sequence to follow?
Are FLMs required in the Rutgers Online MBA program?
Can I fit an FLM into my MBA program without taking extra courses?
If I have already taken MBA electives within my current program, can I still develop an FLM?
Are additional FLMs being considered?
Will the FLM designation post to my transcript?
Will the FLM designation post to my diploma?
Will I receive a certificate for the FLM when I receive my Diploma?
When must I declare, to the MBA Office, my interest in developing an FLM?
Are FLMs considered a “certification” within a corresponding “career” area?
If I choose not to develop an FLM while an MBA student, can I return and develop an FLM as an alumnus?