What is a career Focused Learning Module (FLM)?
Focused learning modules provide MBA students with “deep dives” into career-focused topics that have immediate application in the workplace. Each module consists of four courses: one Core class (required as part of the MBA program) plus three electives designed specifically for in-depth coverage of the module topic. The core MBA curriculum plus focused-learning modules are an ideal balance of breadth and depth needed to develop the strategic and analytical knowledge and skills for today’s competitive business environment.


What is the difference between an FLM and a concentration?
Focused-learning modules provide MBA students with in-depth coverage of career-focused topics that are in high demand now and will be into the future such as Business Analytics. Whereas a student could meet concentration requirements by taking any 3 electives within a particular area (e.g., Finance), the learning modules are more focused (e.g., Investments & Private Wealth Management) and are highly attuned to knowledge and skill development that is readily applicable to the workplace. 


What career FLMs are currently available?
  1. Business Analytics
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Investments & Private Wealth Management
  4. Strategic Leadership


Do FLMs have a specific course sequence to follow?

Yes, all FLMs have a Core MBA class (required as part of the MBA program) that is a prerequisite for subsequent FLM elective courses. FLM elective courses have prerequisites. Please see FLM courses for additional information.


Are additional FLMs being considered?

Yes. Additional FLMs are being designed and likely will be announced in the near future.


Will the FLM designation post to my transcript?


Will I receive a certificate for the FLM completion?


Are FLMs considered a “certification” within a corresponding career area?
Academic certificates are different than industry-based certifications. The FLM certificate indicates that a student has successfully completed a designated set of academic courses associated with a career-focused topic. A certification typically means that an individual has passed a professional or industry-based test of skills and competencies. As an academic institution, our program offers certificates to recognize successful completion of a designated set of academic courses.

Are all FLM courses offered online?

Yes. All FLM elective courses are offered online only.