Basic Skills (135)

53:135:500 Managerial Economics (3 credits)
Micro- and macro-economic analysis topics utilized in subsequent MBA courses. Supply, demand and market equilibrium; elasticity, revenue and marginal revenue; fixed, variable, average and marginal cost; perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly; employment, inflation, monetary policy and determinants of interest rates.

53:135:502 Quantitative Skills (3 credits)
This course provides mathematical and statistical foundation that will help students in understanding topics presented in courses offered by different functional areas such as finance, accounting, marketing and management. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous random variables, sampling, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and linear regression analysis. The course also includes the use of statistical software programs.

53:135:501 Managerial Skills (3 credits)
This course will provide opportunities to strengthen your managerial skills in three core areas: personal, interpersonal and group. You will forge relationships class-wide and within your assigned learning team, and you will gain a greater sense of your individual strengths and opportunities for personal development. The hallmark of this course is experiential learning so you can expect each session to be highly interactive and participative, involving a combination of lectures, videos, individual and team projects, discussions and hands-on activities. We recommend that this course be taken during your first year in the program.