Ecommerce and Information Technology (623)

53:623:510 Managing Projects and Information Technology  (3) 
Information technology (IT) is an important driver and enabler of the dramatic transformation of the business landscape. This course is designed to provide future managers with a fundamental understanding of the key IT issues for effective decision making on IT initiatives and investments, and manage the IT assets of an organization. Both managerial and technical aspects of IT management are discussed. Case studies and hands-on assignments reinforce the concepts and current business practices.

53:623:511 Analysis and Design of Information and Web-Based Systems (3)
Analysis and design of management information systems (MIS) and Web-based systems in organizations, including the traditional life cycle approach for designing information systems, design of human-computer interaction, and agile methods used for designing ecommerce sites. Students learn how to gather relevant data, analyze current situations, and design the input, output and human computer interface.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510

53:623:512 Decisions Support Systems and Data Mining (3)
Semi-structured decision making using DSS and expert systems; knowledge data discovery; and the application of algorithms for extracting patterns from data.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510

53:623:513 Emerging Information Technologies (3)
This course addresses emerging information technologies, their evolution, their identification, and the effects of cultural, social, political, and international factors on these technologies. Topics change from year to year and include web and ecommerce technologies.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510

53:623:514 Ecommerce Project Management (3)
This course looks at managing MIS projects in an organizational context including processes related to initiating projects, planning, developing, implementing, and closing a project. Successful students should be able to establish and manage an ecommerce site and understand critical components for successful ecommerce with emphasis on business-to-consumer ecommerce.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510

53:623:515 Seminar in Global Ecommerce Policy (3)
Furthering an organization’s international mission through competitive strategic alignment with their ecommerce presence, and core competencies; strategies for success for Web-based enterprises and for the ecommerce segments of traditional businesses. Role of CIO in keeping a balance between standard information technologies and emerging technologies in a global context.
This course may also count toward an International Business elective.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510.

53:623:517 Managing Database Systems (3)
Database management systems, which focuses on data collection, storage, and retrieval, constitutes a core activity for any organization. This course focuses on the overall management of the data needs of an organization and the design and development of database applications. The course provides adequate technical detail while emphasizing the organizational and implementation issues relevant to managers. Topics include conceptual data modeling, data security and integrity, issues in physical database design, structured query language, and database administration.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510

53:623:518 Telecommunication and Network Security Management (3)
This course presents both the technical and managerial aspects of data communications and information security to better enable managers to define infrastructure requirements, evaluate network technology options, understand information vulnerabilities and secure corporate resources. Topics include data communication and networking in the modern enterprise, internet and distributed applications, network protocols, wide area networks, local area networks, network management, information security technology, risk assessment and information security planning and policy.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510

53:623:521,522 Directed Study in Information Technology Management (3, 3)
Supervised by an individual faculty member and approved by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510

53:623:525 Information Technology (IT) Policy (3)
Management of information technology from the strategic manager’s perspective. Analysis of competitive and cooperative IT systems; the relationship between IT and industry structure and the organization’s products, services, and customers; IT as organization infrastructure; designing information architecture; management of information; and the evaluation of IT investments.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510

53:623:544 Global Operations Information Technology (3)
Global perspectives in multinational corporations, EDI, CAD/CAM, time-based competition, and robotics; quality initiatives, improvements involving the creation and planning of goods and services. Emphasizes productivity in a global context. Application to health care, law enforcement, higher education, manufacturing, law, and the creative arts.
This course may also count toward an International Business elective.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510

53:623:611 Design of Information Systems for Business (3)
Essentials of systems design including structured design of input and output screens and forms; database design; interface design; designing accurate data-entry procedures; multimedia design; design of human-computer interaction; introduction to object-oriented design. Includes data-modeling techniques; CASE tools; and practical approaches to system implementation and evaluation.
Prerequisite: 53:623:511

53:623:670 Special Topics in Economics of Information Technology and Management (3)
Analyzing the unique characteristics of information goods, this course offers economic frameworks for understanding and managing information goods and services, pricing of information resources and assessing the potential of emerging information technologies and markets. Topics include information characteristics, pricing information goods, versioning information, managing IT resources, and new information products.
Prerequisite: 53:623:510