Finance (390)

53:390:506 Financial Management (3 credits)  
Valuation as the unifying principle of Finance. Topics include forms of business ownership, firm and project cash flows, time value of money, bond and stock valuation, capital budgeting, operating and financial leverage, risk and diversification, and the cost of capital. Prerequisites: 53:010:502 Accounting for Financial Reporting and 53:135:500 Managerial Economics. (MBA core course)

53:390:540 Investment and Portfolio Management (3 credits)  
The investment setting, organization, and functioning of securities markets. Efficient capital markets, modern portfolio management, asset pricing models, security valuation principles and practices, analysis and management of bonds and common stocks, derivative securities, and evaluation of portfolio performance. Prerequisite: Financial Management 53:390:506. (MBA elective)

53:390:545 Private Wealth Management (3 credits)  
Students learn a unified framework that will help them put the often bewildering array of investment choices into comprehensive plans for achieving the overall financial and personal goals of high net-worth individuals and families. Topics explored include the nature and objectives of private wealth management, basic investment planning and strategies, investment asset classes, income tax planning, retirement planning, insurance and risk management, and estate planning. Prerequisites: Investments & Portfolio Management 53:390:540. (MBA elective)

53:390:546 Innovations in Wealth Management (3 credits)  
This course explores recent innovations in the practice of Private Wealth Management. It provides comprehensive coverage of structured products, also known as equity-linked derivatives. Such products combine traditional securities and derivatives to create securitized financial instruments that facilitate the achievement of highly customized risk-return objectives. The course also touches on the rise of automated investment advisors and the role of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Etherium, in building comprehensive diversified portfolios. Prerequisite: Private Wealth Management 53:390:545. (MBA elective)

53:390:521,522 Directed Study in Finance (3 credits)
A faculty-directed individual study requires the approval of two Finance faculty members of which one is the area coordinator, and the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Prerequisite: Financial Management 53:390:506