Marketing (630)

53:630:508 Marketing Management (3 credits)
Addresses marketing frameworks and decision tools for developing products and services that deliver value to customers; segmenting the market and selecting target markets; and designing and implementing the best combination of marketing variables to carry out a firm’s strategy, including product, price, promotion, and distribution decisions.

53:630:670 Special Topics in Marketing (3 credits)
Topics vary from term to term. Consult the director of the M.B.A. program for specific content each term. Students may enroll in more than one special topics course. Prerequisite: 53:630:508

53:630:521,522 Directed Study in Marketing (3 credits)
Supervised by an individual faculty member and approved by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Prerequisite: 53:630:508

53:630:597 Internship in Marketing (3 credits)
An Internship provides real world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills within the Marketing field.