Marketing (630)

53:630:508 Marketing Management (3 credits)
Addresses marketing frameworks and decision tools for developing products and services that deliver value to customers; segmenting the market and selecting target markets; and designing and implementing the best combination of marketing variables to carry out a firm’s strategy, including product, price, promotion, and distribution decisions. (MBA core course).

53:630:534 Strategic Marketing Analytics (3 credits)
This course prepares students to develop the analytical skills marketers require to monitor, grow, and sustain competitive advantage. Students will develop abilities in aligning business objectives with metrics; utilizing data visualization, modeling, and text mining techniques; analyzing quantitative and qualitative data; and drawing data-driven consumer insights. The applications will emphasize the use of analytics to help make strategic marketing decisions. Prerequisite: Marketing Management 53:630:508. (MBA elective)

53:630:530 Digital Marketing Strategy (3 credits)
This course covers development and management of digital marketing strategy, and the uses of digital media technology, including: social, mobile, and web to enhance customer equity, brand value and ROI within the framework of an organization’s overall marketing strategy. Prerequisite: Marketing Management 53:630:508. (MBA elective)

53:630:535 Social Media Strategy (3 credits)
This course explores how to use social media marketing to achieve strategic marketing goals. Using a mix of theoretical and practical exercises, students will learn to deploy social media as a strategic marketing asset. Objectives include learning and applying social media principles and evaluating how an organization’s social media presence adds strategic value. Students will also learn to implement a social media plan, connecting strategic goals to tactical objectives and the social media tools used to listen to and engage with consumers. The course also provides the skills needed to manage and measure social media activity. Prerequisite: Marketing Management 53:630:508. (MBA elective)

53:630:670 Special Topics in Marketing (3 credits)
Topics vary from winter to winter session. Consult the director of the MBA program for specific content each session. Prerequisite: Marketing Management 53:630:508.

53:630:521,522 Directed Study in Marketing (3 credits)
Supervised by an individual faculty member and approved by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Prerequisite: Marketing Management 53:630:508.

53:630:597 Internship in Marketing (3 credits)
An Internship provides real world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills within the Marketing field.