Q. How long will it take to complete the Certificate (before I can start the PMAc program)?

A sample (part-time) course sequence will take approximately one year of following the sequence below:

Financial Accounting (Summer Session 1)
Managerial Accounting (Summer Session 2 – online or in classroom)
(These two courses could be waived with previous undergraduate coursework)

Intermediate Accounting
Cost Accounting

Intermediate Accounting II
Tax Accounting

Auditing (Summer Session 1)
Independent Study

Q. What are the educational requirements for CPA in NJ and PA?

You need 150-hour college level credits for certification. However, you may sit for CPA exam with 120-hour credits, providing that you have 24 hours of Accounting and 24 hours of business classes. This course requirement is subject to change, so you are encouraged to check NJ OR PA section of www.nasba.org for updated information.

Q. Can I apply for the certificate and not be in the PMAc?

No. The certificate is strictly to provide the courses required as prerequisites to enter the PMAc program.

Q. Do I need to maintain a certain GPA while in the certificate program?

You cannot receive a course grade lower than a “B” while in the certificate program.

Q. Can I start taking courses in the PMAc concurrently with the certificate program?

It is recommended that you finish all prerequisite courses before you take PMAc courses as PMAc courses deal with advanced topics.

Q. Will any courses in the certificate program be waived if I have already taken a similar course elsewhere?

Yes. The discretion is left with the Director of the PMAc program. In general, no 300 level courses will be accepted as equivalents unless they are from a four-year AACSB accredited institution and have a grade of B or above.

Maximum waivable and/or transferable courses:

  • maximum of two 100-level accounting courses
  • maximum of three 300-level accounting courses (three 300-level accounting courses must be taken in the Rutgers Business School)

Q. Will the cost of the Certificate be included in the PMAc tuition?

No. The certificate courses will be billed by class and will be charged at the normal tuition rate for Rutgers School of Business–Camden including fees. The student will apply separately to the undergraduate program as a non-degree student. An additional $70 application fee will apply.

Q. What types of careers paths do most PMAc graduates follow?

Accounting students are fortunate in that many different career paths are available. Careers in public accounting (audit, tax and advisory), consulting, internal audit, investment banking, corporate finance, government jobs and PhD programs are all possibilities.