“The South Africa course and trip could stand by itself as a reason to major in Business at Rutgers – Camden.  You will get to witness firsthand how much influence a business can have on its surrounding community. On the trip you will learn the importance of corporate responsibility and the unique challenges of operating a multinational business. It will open your eyes to the possibility of an international business career and give you a chance to learn about business culture in another country – all while having an amazing time. You can’t visit South Africa and come back without it on your list of top 5 favorite places. It is an experience you will never forget.”

Michael Bruder, Finance/Management Major, SBC ’11

“If I could turn back time and do one thing over, it would be that week, that trip, and those experiences. I learned so much about life, business, and emerging economies and how they fuel global growth. I learned that companies that don’t focus on the triple bottom line and the base of the pyramid will not succeed in the future. I witnessed first hand a society torn by segregation, a people subjected to years of oppression, and the human struggle to overcome it all and move forward. It was inspiring.”

Rachel Schwarmann, Rutgers GSBC ’10

“NEVER had I have imagined how much I was about to learn about myself, my classmates, international business, and the inspiring beauty and strength of South Africa and her people! Readings and discussions prior to the trip opened my eyes and thoughts to the serious struggles that South African’s faced during apartheid, and made me appreciate the rights and “luxuries” I have lived with for so many years such as clean water, food, a home to sleep in, and the right to vote and obtain an education. From touring townships to visiting elite wineries, from engaging with top South African business professionals to learning about the informal business sector, from visiting Robben Island where so many South Africans endured brutal imprisonment and to donating school supplies to children – all of these experiences were so unique, how they touched each of us and ignited our emotions and thoughts.  I know that I will forever carry my new business knowledge and life lessons with me in my heart and mind.”

Gabriela Aparicio , Rutgers SBC MBA ‘10

“A trip to South Africa is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people. Knowing what a rare chance this was in and of itself was enough to get me on that plane, but I never would have thought that going on this trip would turn out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my 28 years. I now find myself wondering about not if I will return, but when. Part of my experiences from my trip to South Africa did involve having fun and strengthening relationships with my classmates and professors. I also had the opportunity to participate in breathtaking excursions and observe how both multinational corporations and small businesses compete in another country. But more importantly I returned from this trip with a more comprehensible view of the world and a greater respect for people who are trying to make a difference. Both beauty and despair can be seen in South Africa’s past, present and future. This is a country being reborn from the efforts of courageous people who fought against a cruel and unjust system. Walking through the townships I still see remnants of days past and these areas are desperate for improvement. And yet I also had the opportunity to witness progressive measures being taken with infrastructure, education, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention and foreign direct investment.

I consider my memories from my trip to South Africa to be my most valuable possessions. I learned more from this trip than I ever could have in a classroom; more about business, people and nature than I ever could have read in a textbook. And, what I have been able to learn about myself is simply unrivaled.”

Christina Royer-Scheible, GSBC ’10

“What had the most impact on me was a refreshingly humbling lesson learned through our numerous encounters with grass-root start-up companies and independent artisans: You need not have cutting-edge resources, an M.B.A. or even a medium of exchange to be entrepreneurial and to be good at it. There is an instinctive drive in people to pursue ways to create economic benefit or to maximize utility through exchange. That drive causes all manner of creativity, effort, passion and communication in support of commerce.  With this trip and course, Rutgers SBC has created and refined a program so
special – presenting such a unique educational and personally transformative opportunity – that every MBA candidate, regardless of their concentration or career path, should find a way to accommodate it in their course of study. It’s something you would never regret nor ever forget. “

Jeff Turin,GSBC ’02

“Participating in the trip to South Africa with the Rutgers Business School was one of the most exciting experiences of my time at Rutgers and something I will remember for the rest of my life. I had a particular interest in South Africa since my grandmother was born in neighboring Swaziland and lived in South Africa for almost a decade. She left Johannesburg when she married my grandfather in 1945. Throughout my life she has shared countless stories about her homeland – its incredible beauty, wildlife, and spectacular scenery. It was a lifelong dream of mine to visit South Africa, and Rutgers made this possible. Cal Maradonna and the professors were kind enough to invite my relatives from South Africa whom I had not seen in almost 20 years to share dinner with us. It was an absolutely wonderful experience to be able to spend time my relatives and reconnect with them once again.

I am deeply grateful for the firsthand experience of South Africa’s rich cultural history and profound natural beauty. I can wholeheartedly recommend to student travelers that taking the Rutgers trip to South Africa will be a most exciting, educational, enriching, and unforgettable experience of a lifetime.”

Jaclynne Parsons, GSBC ’10

“I’ve had the awesome opportunity to participate in the Business School’s South Africa Course/Trip, and it has truly enhanced my appreciation of the freedoms that we enjoy and take for granted each day in the United States. South Africa has an incredible history that parallels America’s history in some ways, and it is beautiful to see how everyone there has now come together for the growth and development of their country. The South Africa course offers a classroom without walls, and the lessons learned will impact the rest of your life. South Africa is definitely one of the world’s best kept secrets, and the Business School at Rutgers Camden offers a glimpse into this world treasure.”

Natalie Cox Secretary, GSBC ’06