Last month, the University took unprecedented steps to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, keep you safe, and provide continuity to your education. As we near the completion of the Spring semester and prepare for summer, your faculty and staff at SBC understand the critical need to provide you with every resource at our disposal and to engage you in meaningful ways.

In keeping with this, you are invited to attend SBC Virtual Roundtable: We R in This Together, where you will hear from SBC’s new Dean, Dr. Monica Adya, ask important questions regarding campus and school resources and share your thoughts about SBC.


You have the option to attend one of two sessions:


Question Submission

Please submit any questions you may have for our upcoming SBC Roundtable: We R in This Together. While you may submit as many questions as you would like, we ask that you please submit one question per form completion. Your personal information will not be shared when the question is read live. Thank you!
  • Please let us know if you have questions for the upcoming Virtual SBC Roundtable.