Age: 22
Rutgers Grad Year: May 2018
Major: Management
High School: Cherry Hill East



Hey Jordan, we’re glad to have you in our Raptor family and excited that you’re so close to Commencement! What originally made you want to get into the Management field?
Thank you. Through my high school, I had an incredible opportunity to coordinate blood drives with the American Red Cross. After that, I managed an international investor program with an aviation firm. Both of these experiences helped me see that getting a degree in management would be the perfect start.


That’s quite impressive that you were able to secure that internship prior to beginning your college-career. Did that lead to any employment opportunities during your early undergrad years?
Yes, it was definitely a chain reaction! After my internship, I became the Director of Marketing at Chick-fil-A Voorhees. Currently, I am a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant at Rutgers, as well as an Acquisition Specialist for the Defense Logistics Agency – Department of Defense.


Time certainly goes by quickly. Have you been involved in the world of Management on-campus?
I’ve had an amazing experience with BLDP, Business Leader Development Program, thanks to Dr. Kauffman-Scarborough. The program has equipped me to become a youth mentor at church and help run a volunteer program in the community.


Well it certainly sounds like you’ve been involved outside of the classroom and have done some great work in the community! Transitioning into the classroom, was there a favorite class during your time here that you believe helped you prepare for your career post-graduation?
While I’ve enjoyed many classes, my favorite would have to be Leadership in the 21st Century by Dr. David Dwertmann. This semester, I’m grateful to be the TA for the class. Because of him, I’ve learned how to think critically about leadership and then apply it through real-life projects that he sets up with community partners.


That should be extremely beneficial for you moving forward! What has surprised you most about Rutgers – Camden from the time you arrived?
I was surprised by how much the professors care. Before I started, I expected to be a tiny fish in a huge pond because of Rutgers’ brand recognition and extensive alumni network. I realized quickly that the faculty and staff go above and beyond to help us prepare for our careers.


What’s one piece of advice that you would give the current Cherry Hill East Senior class?
Say yes to as many opportunities as possible. That way you can figure out what energizes you the most. College is a lot of work, so create your life with habits and people that motivate you to keep going.