The Rutgers School of Business – Camden (RSBC) has an Honors Thesis option for the undergraduate program. It is designed to encourage student participation in academic business research and to give promising students an added opportunity to exhibit their abilities.

Robert Schindler honors thesisAn Honors Thesis is a research project that the student carries out, under supervision of a faculty thesis advisor, during the student’s two senior semesters. The thesis must involve the comprehension of academic literature, data collection or a systematic theoretical analysis, and the writing of an academic research paper. The thesis must be approved by both the student’s thesis advisor and a second RSBC faculty member. In addition, all honors thesis students must give a presentation on the results of their project to the faculty and students.

The student who completes an acceptable Honors Thesis receives six course credits (over two semesters) and graduates with “thesis distinction.” Eventually, there will be a plaque displaying the names of all RSBC honors thesis students.


To be eligible to do an Honors Thesis, a School of Business student must meet three

1. The student must have completed at least 75 degree credits (with at least 30 of these
credits completed at Rutgers).
2. The student must have a grade-point average of at least 3.30.
3. The student must find a faculty member to serve as his/her thesis advisor and
must find one to serve as a second reader of the thesis. A thesis advisor must be a
RSBC research professor; the second reader can be any full- or part-time RSBC
faculty member.

If you are interested in the possibility of doing an Honors Thesis, the first step is to talk
to faculty members who might serve as advisors. Please note that the School makes no
commitment as to the availability of appropriate faculty members to serve as advisors.
Interested students are encouraged to begin the process of finding an advisor and
second reader during the second semester of their junior year.

For more information about the School of Business Honors Thesis, please contact
Professor Robert Schindler,, 856-701-5111.