Undergraduate Program

Learning Goal

Undergraduate Objectives

General Management Knowledge

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the basic functions of business and functional area concepts.

Critical Thinking and Analytical Decision Making

Students will demonstrate and ability to analyze, interpret, and solve business problems using quantitative approaches where relevant.

Teamwork and Interpersonal Relations

Students will demonstrate the capability and ability to work well in teams and relate interpersonally with others.

Communications, Impact and Effectiveness – Oral

Students will demonstrate effective oral presentation skills.

Communications, Impact and Effectiveness – Written

Students will demonstrate strong written language skills.

Global Mindset

Students will demonstrative an ability to identify and analyze global factors (economics, culture, legal, demographic) affecting businesses located or engaged in activity outside the United States.

Ethical Reasoning – Financial

Students will demonstrative the capability to identify ethical issues related to finance activities taking into account various stakeholders.

Ethical Reasoning – General

Students will demonstrate the ability to identify ethical issues related to the managing ethics and ethical management taking into account various stakeholders.

Technological Fluency/IT Literacy

Students will demonstrate conceptual knowledge and literacy of information technology.