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Rutgers School of Business – Camden

Pariti Sutaria

Hi Pariti, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat today! If you could, start by telling us why you chose Rutgers School of Business–Camden after deciding to transfer from the University of Rochester.
Hello, thank you for this opportunity and chatting with me! At University of Rochester, I had started off my first year as a Statistics major. I quickly switched to a double major in Statistics and Business when I explored career paths and realized I was more interested in fields where business and analytics intersected, rather than just applied statistics. I chose RSBC with my major in Management because I knew I still wanted to experiment with pathways available to me, yet definitely enjoyed planning, organizing, leading, and managing. Now, I just have to figure out what it is I want to manage someday!

Well we are glad to have you and certain you will discover that path. You have certainly made use of your first year here. Tell me a bit about your on-campus involvement.
I am involved in various groups and organizations on campus. I am the School of Business At-Large Representative in SGA (Student Government Association), Vice President of SAATH (South Asian Appreciation for Tradition and Heritage), and Events Coordinator for the RSBC Management Association, as well as a member of multiple committees. Additionally, I am also in the Business Leader Development Program (BLDP) and President/Founder of TEDxRutgersCamden, a chapter under TED Conferences that I brought to campus during this past virtual year!

Wow, you really have been busy! TED Talks have really grown in popularity over the years. What inspired you to bring it to our campus?
TED Talks have always inspired me to explore, learn, and grow. During the midst of the pandemic, I made it a goal to watch at least one talk a day (and still do to this day)! After watching so many talks, speakers, and essentially, ideas, I desired to bring a chapter to Camden. The pandemic really tested everyone, especially the Camden community. However, we thrived by cultivating and sharing ideas, strengthening relationships, and spreading love during these unprecedented times. I believe we deserve access to a platform like TEDxRutgersCamden to showcase skills, concepts, art, and speakers that genuinely share “ideas worth spreading”, which is everything TED stands for.

All of that, coupled with your school work, must be a full-time job in itself. Do you work at all outside of your activities?
Yes, I certainly like to stay busy! However, work is a necessity for me to be able to afford college. This summer, I am a Junior Fellow at the Library of Congress for their BEOnline+ Business Website Collection Review and a Research Assistant for Dr. McAlpine in the School of Business. Additionally, I am also a University Tutor for statistics, economics, and business classes – so to all the students reading this, don’t hesitate to make an appointment through Raptor Connect!

(laughs) Nice plug. Those are all extremely rewarding opportunities. It’s fantastic that you can manage all of this while maintaining Dean’s List status in our Honors College. You also recently received the Rising Raptor Award for your commitment to your organizations, what goals do you have set for year two?
Although this will be year two at Rutgers, it will be year three as an undergraduate student, so I am looking to really hone in on my passions and strengths in order to figure out my future after my undergraduate degree, which may include the dual-degree MBA here at RSBC! I also hope to immerse myself in student life, the campus community, and most importantly, make a meaningful impact during my time at RUC.

Love that. Our dual-degree programs are really built for students like yourself – hard working and driven. Looking at how far you have come (both literally and figuratively), what is a message you would share with others looking to transfer into Rutgers–Camden?
Yes, the past decade-plus after moving to the States from India has certainly shown me what I am capable of. I would like to tell all students to do what feels right to you and remember that only you know the answer to that! There is no one goal, path, or mission that fits everyone, and your timeline will (and is meant to) look different than everyone else’s.

Thank you again for your time and thoughts Pariti! Best of luck in your junior year at Rutgers–Camden.

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