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The Perfect Place to Start Your Business Career

The Rutgers School of Business–Camden prepares you to go out and make a name for yourself in the business world. Guided by our world-class Rutgers faculty—who incorporate their business experience into the curriculum—you’ll learn about business from the ones who know it best.

Students at Rutgers School of Business–Camden are the future leaders of the corporate world. Come and see what our Bachelor of Science program is all about.

Our Business Curriculum

The Rutgers School of Business–Camden Bachelor of Science curriculum is at the cutting-edge of 21st century business education. Use the Rutgers-Camden Catalog 
 as your guide through the program. It’s the official source of degree information, including course descriptions, University policies, professors, internship programs, and more.

The Rutgers-Camden catalog should be your primary online tool throughout your studies. But it’s just one of many resources that you can leverage. It is encouraged that you regularly meet with the Academic Services staff so you can monitor your progress and develop an effective graduation plan.

Bachelor of Science Business Majors

The Rutgers School of Business–Camden offers four majors that lay the foundation for your career:

About the Rutgers School of Business Accounting Major

The Accounting Major provides students with a comprehensive foundation in the theory of accounting, financial accounting and reporting, managerial and cost accounting, taxation, concepts of auditing, and business law. It is built on a broad background in humanities, liberal arts, economics and business administration.

The Accounting Major gives students the foundation and skills to pursue careers with public accounting firms, corporations, government, and nonprofit organizations. It provides the background to sit for the following examinations:

  • Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.)
  • Certified Management Accountant (C.M.A.)
  • Certified Internal Auditor (C.I.A.)

Graduates of this program can also pursue further graduate or professional education.

Important Information for Accounting Majors
About the Rutgers School of Business Finance Major
The Finance Major provides students with both a solid theoretical, as well as a practical knowledge of domestic and international finance. Areas of focus include corporate finance, financial derivatives, investments, portfolio management, financial markets, and institutions. Graduates with a Finance Major are prepared to enter positions in corporations, financial institutions, brokerage houses, and investment banks, as consultants and entrepreneurs they enter government work in positions such as:
  • Corporate Finance Officer
  • Bank Officer
  • Investment Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
Important Information for Accounting Majors
About the Rutgers School of Business Management Major

The Management Major incorporates in-depth training in real-world business skills including how to analyze problems, make decisions, delegate assignments, train and supervise employees, plus budget planning, and coordination.

Your studies in Management encompass key areas of business such as:

  • Operations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management Information Systems
  • Strategy
  • International Business
Management majors can pursue a specialization in the following categories:

General Management: Provides students with broad exposure to several management subfields

Strategy/Entrepreneurship: Provides training to be an entrepreneur in a global economy.

ecommerce Technology: Develops strategies for creating web-based interactions among companies, employees, customers, and suppliers.

Important Information for Accounting Majors
About the Rutgers School of Business Marketing Major
The Marketing Major Marketing equips students with the quantitative and qualitative skills necessary to investigate and analyze customer behavior, competitors, and external groups who may be affected by the marketing process. Specializations in marketing research is available.
Important Information for Accounting Majors

Business Minors

To complement their selected major, many business students elect to pursue a minor. A minor consists of nine (9) additional credits in a different subject area than your major, and may be selected from the following subject areas:

Business Minors for Business Students
Business Minors for Non-Business Students

Industry-Focused Tracks

Specialize Your Degree

The Rutgers School of Business–Camden Online BBA allows you to pick an optional track—an area of business specialization that matches your career goals and interests. Choose from the following four tracks:

Money fuels the bottom line of every corporation. The courses in this track show you how to evaluate business decisions based on what makes best financial sense, including risk-taking, profit distribution, hiring, and more. Students will learn how to make sound business decisions, such as: which business activities make financial sense for the firm’s owners? Which business and financial risks are worth taking, and what should be avoided? The basic principles of financial decision-making are the same for large, publicly traded firms and small, privately run businesses. This track benefits both entrepreneurs and those seeking an entry-level position in a corporation with the goal of one day attaining the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

52:390:310 Corporate Finance
52:390:315 Investments and Portfolio Management
52:390:330 Short Term Financial Management
52:390:350 Multinational Corporate Finance
52:390:410 M&A Finance

Preparation for careers in: Finance, Accounting, Investment

Every online search, click, and sale leaves a trail of data. The Data Analytics track shows you how businesses harness and analyze that data to drive growth. This track introduces data retrieval and programming languages, such as SQL, R and Python, as well as new programming environments, such as Hadoop ecosystem, data mining techniques, sentiment analysis, and predictive analytics. The track will introduce some of the latest software used for performing data analytics and text mining. The data analytics skill set will be valuable in a wide range of businesses and organizations in government, education, and other sectors.

52:620:321 Optimization and Spreadsheet Modeling
52:623:447 Data Management and Analytics with R
52:620:430 Introduction to Big Data Applications
52:620:432 Text and Social Media Mining

Preparation for careers in: Business Analytics, Government, Education, Finance

No matter what field you are in, the ability to manage people will always be an in-demand skill. How do you build an effective team? What are the strategies for getting the most out of every individual? This track provides essential skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed to excel in any industry. The courses focus on workplace issues crucial for performance, including team building, evaluating needs for training and development, guiding employees’ career progression, assessing compensation, and managing diversity by using evidence-based practices based on the latest research. Interested students can also use this track to prepare for the competency-based Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Certification exam – the industry-wide gold standard in demonstrating expertise in personnel management.

52:533:365   Strategic Human Resource Management
52:533:360   Career Planning and Career Management
52:533:461  Compensation & Benefits
52:533:463    Talent Management

Prepares you for: Human Resources professionals, Management, Hiring Managers

The online space is the ultimate business battleground of the 21st century. How do you build an online brand? What are the best practices for developing digital campaigns that click with consumers? As the need for digital marketers continues to grow, developing an effective digital marketing plan is essential for every organization. The digital marketing track provides students with an understanding of the development of marketing plans and strategies to capitalize on digital tools to communicate and engage with current and prospective customers. Students will gain cutting-edge marketing knowledge and skills in social media, search engine marketing, content marketing, digital marketing analytics, and more to develop high-performing integrated marketing plans that deliver on key marketing metrics.

52:630:385    Marketing Research (core course)

52:630:361    Digital Marketing Fundamentals

52:630:362    Principles of Digital Analytics

52:630:363    Social Media Marketing

52:630:364    Digital Content Creation


Preparation for careers in: Marketing, Communications, Advertising

Students in this track acquire the core knowledge, skills and abilities essential to prepare for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program Level 1 Exam, the most respected and recognized investment management designation in the world.  Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of equity, debt and derivative securities and markets, along with quantitative tools needed to analyze investment opportunities, manage portfolios, assess & manage financial risks, and make lending decisions. CFAs work at commercial banks, mutual & pension funds, insurance companies, securities firms, investment banks, hedge funds, consulting, etc. Potential job titles include financial analyst, financial advisor, relationship manager, portfolio manager, risk manager, and research analyst.

52:390:310    Corporate Finance (core course)
52:390:315    Investments & Portfolio Management (core course)
52:390:425    Fixed Income Securities
52:390:435    Derivative Securities
52:390:464    Equity Investments

Preparation for careers in: Finance

Showcase Your Skills on the Global Stage

Our world-renowned International Studies Program gives students a chance study internationally via a one-week intensive study trip to nations such as South Africa, Brazil, and France. While there, you’ll visit their global businesses and institutions and immerse yourself in your host nation’s culture.

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BLDP Shadowing Days Application

After being notified of a match, students are responsible for providing personal information to the matched executive (e.g., current resume and cover letter with information on career ambitions). The information on this application is for internal use only, for us to match you as well as possible with and executive from among our alumni database.

BLDP Application

The Spring 2021 Application is now open! 

Priority will be given to applications received by Sunday, November 15, 2020. Applications are accepted until all seats are filled. Space is limited, so apply early!

The seminar application process is our gateway for entry into the program. Upon acceptance into BLDP, students will be emailed their acceptance letter plus a special permission number allowing registration for the BLDP seminar.


Seminar applications are solicited each semester and require

  1. completed application form (submitted online and found elsewhere on this website),
  2. a personal essay, and
  3. two letters of recommendation (one academic; one other).

Rutgers-Camden students are invited to apply to apply for enrollment in the BLDP seminar. All applicants are expected to meet both of the following selection criteria:  Have sophomore standing or above and have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above. First-semester transfer students will be evaluated based on their GPA earned at Rutgers. Students who fail to meet these admission criteria may still be allowed to apply for (and possibly enroll in) the BLDP seminar, but they will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The director balances evaluations to make final decisions on people accepted for the seminar (up to a maximum of 15-20 each semester).

Students who are admitted to the BDLP are rquired to adopt the BLDP Code of Conduct. A signed contract is required from each student.

Students may count activities toward “leadership units” that were initiated prior to taking a seminar, as long as those activities occur primarily during their enrollment in their academic program.

Application for Admission to BLDP Seminar

Applications For BLDP Seminar will be ongoing until class is filled.

  • * Indicates a required field.

  • Contact Information

  • Academic Information

  • Please enter a number from 0 to 500.
  • Transfer students only.
  • Employment Information

  • List relevant employment history

  • EmployerPositionDates of Employment 
  • School Leadership Information

  • Provide evidence of leadership initiative while enrolled in school by listing all school-based organizations and activities in which you have held a leadership role while a student.

  • OrganizationRoleDates 
  • Community Leadership Information

  • Provide a list of community or volunteer activities in which you engaged in a leadership role.

  • OrganizationRoleDates of Activity 
  • Essay

  • Please write a short essay between 150 to 350 words, in which you discuss the reasons why your application should be considered for the Business Leader Development Program, including what you hope to gain from the program and what you can contribute.

  • Additional Submission Instructions

  • For your application to be complete, this form and TWO REFERENCE LETTERS must be on file in the Director's office. Ideally, you will receive one letter from an academic source (e.g., a former or current instructor), and one from a business source (e.g., a former employer - even if for a part-time or volunteer position). Your letter writers should mail them directly to: Dr. Oscar Holmes IV, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Rutgers University, School of Business, 227 Penn Street, Camden, NJ 08102 or email the letters to

    Please only submit one application. If you experience any technical problems or need to submit the application again, please contact

    Thank you.

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