Q. What is the BLDP?

BLDP is a well-established program designed to identify, develop, and reward Rutgers Camden students who demonstrate leadership qualities during their undergraduate program. the program is designed to encourage students to become better, more active leaders in school and community activities before graduation. Additionally, students should become more effective in—and more satisfied with—their professional lives after graduation.

Q. What are the advantages of involvement in the BLDP?

Other than the benefits mentioned previously, i.e. promoting students’ leadership potential and encouraging their involvement in school and civic activities, students will receive the following benefits:

  1. Through the required BLDP seminar, students will gain numerous networking opportunities with local business leaders, executives, and previous program participants.
  2. This is a 3 credit graded course possibly towards your major, minor or an elective.
  3. Involvement in and completion of the program is a great résumé-building item.
  4. Students completing the BLDP will receive a special designation, “Business Leader Development Program,” on their transcript upon graduation. They will also receive a leather portfolio with the BLDP logo embossed on its cover and Honors Cord at Commencement.

Q. What are the BLDP seminars about?

BLDP seminars will be taught on a rotating basis by faculty on various topics. View current seminar.

Q. The BLDP seminar topics sound interesting. Can anyone take a seminar?

Any accepted undergraduate student to Rutgers Camden (College of Arts & Sciences, School of Nursing or School of Business) can take a BLDP seminar even if they do not intend to complete the entire BLDP program. Any student may apply online for permission to enroll in the BLDP seminar. A student’s application will be evaluated by several persons, including RSBC faculty/staff, RSBC alumni, and/or previous BLDP alumni. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the seminar about the time that early registration commences and will be given a permission number to enroll in the course.

Q. When do the BLDP seminars meet?

Most semesters the seminars meet each Friday morning from 9 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. Occasionally an on-site visit may be planned that requires significant travel time to or from the seminar location, requiring meeting times to extend before and beyond the usual times. Seminar faculty do their best to alert students at the beginning of the semester of any seminar dates requiring extensions.

Q. What if I really enjoyed one of the BLDP seminars; may I take another on a different subject?

The answer is a qualified yes. Students who have not enrolled in any previous seminars are given admission priority. If there are any remaining spaces, however, past seminar participants are permitted to fill them (currently the maximum seminar enrollment is 20). Repeat seminar participants will be required to submit a brief essay explaining their desire to take the additional seminar; they are not required to submit a new application. Students would not be permitted to repeat a seminar on the same topic.

Q. How are the seminars graded, and how do the seminar credits count towards my degree?

All seminars are graded using a traditional letter-graded process. Seminar credits are considered a business elective; they cannot count as discipline- or area-specific credits.

Q. What is the BLDP seminar application deadline?

The exact deadline dates change from semester to semester, but generally the application deadlines are late March for the Fall seminar and late October for the Spring seminar. Check the main page of this BLDP website or contact the program director, Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough for the current application deadlines. Important note: The two required reference letters to support the student’s application must also be received by that deadline!

Q. Is taking the BLDP seminar all that is required to receive the BLDP Honors Designation?

No. The seminar is only one component of the BLDP; a student cannot complete the BLDP without having taken a seminar in the semester immediately following their admission to the program. In order to complete the BLDP with Honors, students must accumulate 14 leadership “units.” The seminar counts for three (3) of the required 14 leadership units.

Q. How do I accumulate the remaining 11 leadership units?

The remaining 11 leadership units will be earned by serving in a leadership or coordinator capacity in a school, community, or volunteer organization or event, not merely as a participant. See the BLDP Honors Certification page for detailed examples.

Q. Should I take the BLDP seminar before I begin earning my remaining leadership units?

No, that is not necessary. Accumulating the remaining 11 leadership units typically involves a longer time frame, and students should not hesitate to pursue leadership opportunities right away.