BalashovVadimVadim Balashov, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Finance
Office: BSB 217
Phone: (856) 225-6706
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Ph.D., Tulane University

Dr. Balashov’s research interests include information role of financial analysts, piggybacking by financial analysts, analysts’ career concerns, capital markets and Irrational investor trading

Research Interests: Information Role of Financial Analysts, Piggybacking by Financial Analysts, Analysts’ Career Concerns, Capital Markets and Irrational Investor Trading

Courses Taught: Financial Modeling, Principles of Finance, Financial Management

Representative Publications:
• “How Much Does Confusion Caused by Similar Company Names/Tickers Cost Investors?” (with Andrei Nikiforov), 2019. The Journal of Financial Markets, forthcoming.
• “Investment Bank Monitoring and Bonding of Security Analysts’ Research.” (with Oya Altinkiliç and Robert S. Hansen), 2019. The Journal of Accounting and Economics 67 (1), 98-119.
• “Do Analysts Who Move Markets Have Better Careers?” (solo-authored), 2018. The Journal of Financial Research 41(2), 181-212.
• “When do sell-side analysts switch industries they follow?” (solo-authored), 2017. Applied Economics Letters 2017, 1-5.
• “Are Analysts’ Forecasts Informative to the General Public?” (with Oya Altinkiliç and Robert S. Hansen), 2013. Management Science 59, 2550–2565.