Rakesh Sambharya, Ph.D.
Professor of Management and International Business 
Office: BSB 438
Phone: (856) 225-6712
Email: sambhary@camden.rutgers.edu
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Ph.D., Temple University

Dr. Sambharya has published numerous articles in such publications as the Strategic Management Journal, the Management International Review, the Journal of International Business Studies, and Organization Studies. His research interest include international competition, Japanese management, top management teams, and corporate diversification and performance.

Research Interests: International Business; Strategic Management; Cross-Cultural management; Diversification Strategies

Courses Taught: International Business; Management Policy; Multinational Business; Business Policy; Organizational Analysis; Globalization

Representative Publications:

  • Sambharya, R. B., and Goll, I. Do International-, and Product Diversification Strategies affect Human Rights and Employee Orientation Disclosures?: A Worldwide Empirical study. Global Strategy Journal (forthcoming).
  • Nuruzzaman, N., Gaur, A., and Sambharya, R. B. A Microfoundations Approach to Studying  Innovation in the Multinational Subsidiaries. Global Strategy Journal, 2019, 9: 92-116.
  • Kim, Sungsoo, Sambharya, Rakesh B., and Yang, Joon Sun. Do CEOs Exercise Managerial Discretion to save their jobs? Journal of Management and Governance, 2016, 20: 179-200.
  • Sambharya, Rakesh B., and Rasheed, Abdul A. Does Economic Freedom in Host Countries Lead to Increased Foreign Direct Investment? Competitiveness Review, 2015, 25(1): 2-24.
  • Sambharya, Rakesh B., and Musteen, Martina.. Institutional Environment and Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Study across Countries. Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 2014, 12(4): 314-330.
  • Sambharya, Rakesh B., and Lee, Jooh. Renewing Dynamic Capabilities Globally: An empirical Study of the World’s Largest MNCs. Management International Review, 2014. 54: 137-154.
  • Sambharya, Rakesh B., and Rasheed, Abdul A. 2012. Conceptualizing Global Risk in a Changing World: Looking Beyond the Political Dimension.  Organizational Dynamics, 41: 308-317.
  • Sambharya, Rakesh B. Security Analysts’ Earnings Forecast as a Measure of Firm Performance: An Empirical Exploration of its Domain. Management Decision, 2011, 47(7), pp 1160-1180.
  • Veliyath, Rajaram., and Sambharya, Rakesh. B. Internationalizing of R&D among MNCs: An empirical investigation of country-level determinants. Management International Review, 2011, 51(3), pp. 407-428.
  • Sambharya, Rakesh B. and Banerji, Kunal. Keiretsu Membership and Supplier Firm Performance in the Japanese Automobile Industry. Management International Review 2006, 46(1), pp. 7-37.
  • Sambharya, Rakesh B., Kumaraswamy, Arun, and Banerji, Snehamy. Information Technology and the Future of the Multinational Enterprise. Journal of International Management, 2005 11(2), pp. 143-161.
  • Elango, B. and Sambharya, Rakesh. B. The Influence of Industry Structure on the Entry Mode Choice of Overseas Entrants in Manufacturing Industries. Journal of International Management, 2004, 10(1), pp. 107-124.
  • Mauri, Alfredo and Sambharya, Rakesh B. An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Global Integration and MNE Performance. Management International Review, 2003 (Special Issue), 43(2), pp. 27-45.
  • Mauri, Alfredo and Sambharya, Rakesh B. The Impact of Global Integration on MNC Performance: Evidence from Global Industries. International Business Review, 2001, 10(4), pp. 441-454.
  • Goll, Irene, Sambharya, Rakesh B., and Tucci, Lou. Top Management Teams, Corporate Ideology, and Firm Performance: A Covariance Structure Model. Management International Review, 2001, 40 (2), pp. 109-129.
  • Mascarenhas, Briance and Sambharya, Rakesh B. Sources of International Competitiveness and What They Mean for Business Policy and Public Policy. Global Outlook: An International Journal of Business, Economics, and Social Policy, 2000, 12(4), pp. 111-121.
  • Sambharya, Rakesh B. Assessing the Construct Validity of Strategic and SIC-based Measures of Corporate Diversification. British Journal of Management, June 2000, 11 (2), pp. 163-174.
  • Goll, Irene, and Sambharya, Rakesh B. Rational Model of Decision Making, Diversification Strategy and Firm Performance. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 1998, 14(4), pp. 479-492.
  • Banerji, Kunal, and Sambharya, Rakesh B. Effect of Network Organization on Alliance Formation: A Study of the Japanese Automobile Ancillary Industry. Journal of International Management, 1998, 4(1), pp. 41-57.
  • Cordeiro, James, and Sambharya, Rakesh B. Do Corporate Reputations Influence Security Analysts Earnings Forecasts? Corporate Reputation Review, Summer/Fall 1997, 1(1), pp. 94-98.
  • Mascarenhas, Briance and Sambharya, Rakesh B. The Pattern of Density in Two Global Industries. Management International Review, 1996, 36 (4), pp. 331-354.
  • Sambharya, Rakesh B. Foreign Experience of Top Management Teams and Its Effect on International Diversification Strategies of U. S. Multinational Corporations. Strategic Management Journal, December 1996, 17(9), pp. 739-746.
Media Guide

Dr. Rakesh Sambharya, professor of management at the Rutgers School of Business—Camden; author, numerous articles and reviews in professional publications. He can discuss: 

Airline Industry:

  • Deregulation and business strategy in the airline industry
  • International airline industry
  • Wages in the airline industry

Bond Market:

  • Earnings

Executive Compensation:

  • Compensation of top management teams

International Business Issues (India):

  • The rise of India
  • Outsourcing


  • Wall Street security analysts’ evaluation of firm performance

Automotive Industry:

  • Japanese automobile industry
  • Japanese management

Corporate Management, Governance and Finances:

  • Multinational corporate management and governance

International Business Issues (Competition and Strategy):

  • International competitiveness
  • International management
  • Multinational corporate strategies
  • Transborder data flow
  • Product and global diversification strategies

International Business Issues (Japan):

  • Japanese automobile industry
  • Japanese management