Deeksha-Sing-6.22.2016Deeksha Singh, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Strategy, International Business, and Entrepreneurship
Office: BSB 261
Phone (856) 225-6873
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Ph. D., National University of Singapore

Dr. Singh’s work focuses on the theme of strategy-environment fit, within an institutional theoretical framework. Using institutional theory as the main theoretical lens, Dr. Singh has examined issues in the broad domains of corporate governance, firms’ growth strategies, and firm performance in different institutional contexts. Additionally, Dr. Singh has also examined internationalization of emerging market firms, and the importance of host market institutions for foreign subsidiary management. Dr. Singh has published in leading international business journals such as Journal of World BusinessManagement International ReviewJournal of International ManagementInternational Business Review and Corporate Governance: An International Review amongst others.

Research Interests:

  • International Business: Firm Internationalization; Entry Mode; Ownership Strategies; Foreign Subsidiary Performance
  • Strategy: Corporate Governance; Business Groups; Innovation in Emerging Market Firms

Courses Taught: Multinational Business; Business Policy

Professional Activities, Honors & Awards:

  • 2016: Visiting Scholar, University of Sydney
  • 2014: Douglas Nigh Best Paper Award, IM Division, Academy of Management
  • 2014: AIB/Temple Best Paper Award, Academy of International Business
  • 2013: International Journal of Emerging Markets Highly Commendable Paper Award, Emerald Literati Network
  • 2012: Best Conference Paper Honorable Mention award, Academy of International Business
  • 2012: Best Paper in Developing Country Multinationals track, Academy of International Business

Representative Publications:

Journal Articles

  • Nuruzzaman, N., Singh, D., & Gaur, A. S. 2020. Institutional support and hazards, and internationalization of emerging market firms. Global Strategy Journal,
  • Kumar, V., Singh, D., Purkayastha, A., Popli, M., & Gaur, A. S. 2020. Springboard internationalization by emerging market firms: Speed of first cross-border acquisition. Journal of International Business Studies,
  • Gaur, A. S., Pattnaik, C., Lee, J. Y., & Singh, D. 2019. Internalization advantage and subsidiary performance: The role of business group affiliation and host country characteristics. Journal of International Business Studies, 50(8): 1253-1282.
  • Cuervo-Cazzura, A., Gaur, A. S. & Singh, D. 2019. Pro-market institutions and global strategy: The pendulum of pro-market reforms and reversals. Journal of International
    Business Studies, 50(4): 598-632.
  • Singh, D., Pattnaik, C., Lee, J. Y., & Gaur, A. S. 2019. Subsidiary staffing, cultural friction and subsidiary performance: Evidence from Korean subsidiaries in 63 countries. Human Resource Management, 58(2): 219-234,
  • Nuruzzaman, N., & Singh, D. 2018. Exchange characteristics, capability upgrading, and innovation performance: Evidence from Latin America, Journal of Knowledge Management, 23(9): 1747-1763,
  • Nuruzzaman, N., Singh, D., & Pattnaik, C. 2018. Competing to be innovative: Impact of foreign competition on imitative innovation of emerging economy firms, International Business Review, 28(5): 101490,
  • Singh, D., Pattnaik, C., Gaur, A. S., & Ketencioglu, E. 2018. Corporate expansion during pro-market reforms in emerging markets: The contingent value of group affiliation and diversification, Journal
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  • Singh, D. 2009. Export performance of emerging market firms. International Business Review, 18 (4): 321-330

Conference Best Paper Proceedings

  • Yang, Y. & Singh, D. 2014. Foreign subsidiary location strategy and financial performance: A global value chain perspective. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2014