Yuliya3Yuliya Strizhakova, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing
Office: BSB 252
Phone: (856) 225-6920
Email: ystrizha@camden.rutgers.edu
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Ph.D. University of Connecticut

Research Interests: Globalization and branding in developed and emerging markets; Global citizenship and cross-cultural consumer behavior; Environmentally responsible marketing and emerging markets; Consumer well-being and responses to negative marketplace encounters; Consumer forgiveness and rumination

Courses Taught: Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Principles of Marketing, Advertising and Promotions Management, Consumer Behavior.

Professional Affiliations: Association for Consumer Research, American Marketing Association, Society for Consumer Psychology

Representative Publications:

Tsarenko, Y., Strizhakova, Y., and Otnes. (forthcoming). Reclaiming the future: Customer forgiveness in service failures. Journal of Service Research. Available online on September 24, 2018 http://journals.sagepub.com/eprint/BU6U5P4u5p6BJjhZhExB/full

Strizhakova, Y. and Coulter, R. A. (forthcoming). Spatial distance construal perspectives on causerelated marketing: The importance of nationalism in Russia. Journal of International Marketing.

Price, L. L., Coulter, R. A., Strizhakova, Y., & Schultz, A. (2018). The fresh start mindset: Transforming consumers’ lives. Journal of Consumer Research, 45(1), 21-48. 2

Strizhakova, Y., & Coulter, R. (2015). Drivers of local relative to global brand purchases: A contingency approach. Journal of International Marketing, 23(1), 1-22.

  • Lead article
  • 2015 S. Tamer Cavusgil award from American Marketing Association

Strizhakova, Y., & Coulter, R. (2013). The “green” side of materialism in emerging BRIC and developed markets: The moderating role of global cultural identity. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 30(1), 69-82.

  • Most cited article published in IJRM in 2013 between 2014-2017

Tsarenko, Y., & Strizhakova, Y. (2013). Coping with service failures: The role of emotional intelligence, self-efficacy and intention to complain. European Journal of Marketing, 47(1/2), 71-92.

Strizhakova, Y., Coulter, R., & Price, L. (2012). The young adult cohort in emerging markets: Assessing their glocal cultural identity in a global marketplace. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 29(1), 43-54.

  • 2015 Emerald Citations of Excellence award

Strizhakova, Y., Tsarenko, Y., & Ruth, J. (2012). “I’m mad and I can’t get that service failure off my mind”: Coping and rumination as mediators of anger effects on customer intentions. Journal of Service Research, 15(4), 414-429.

Strizhakova, Y., Coulter, R., & Price, L. (2011). Branding in a global marketplace: The mediating effects of quality and self-identity brand signals. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 28(4), 342-351.

Strizhakova, Y., Coulter, R., & Price, L. (2008). Branded products as a passport to global citizenship: Perspectives from developed and developing countries. Journal of International Marketing, 16(4), 57-85.

Strizhakova, Y., Coulter, R., & Price, L. (2008). The meanings of branded products: A cross-national scale development and meaning assessment. International Journal of Research in Marketing25 (2), 82-93.

  • Lead article
Media Guide
Dr. Yuliya Strizhakova is an associate professor of marketing at the Rutgers School of Business – Camden. She can discuss:

Branding in Emerging Markets:

  • Consumer associations with brands
  • Cross-cultural comparisons of brand meanings and usage
  • Effects of globalization on young consumers
  • Eastern Europe

Consumer Forgiveness:

  • Forgiveness in the business domain
  • Different types of consumer forgiveness

Emotions and Consumer Behavior:

  • Consumer emotional intelligence in service failures
  • Emotions as drivers of consumer choices
  • Consumer emotional regulation and coping
  • Emotions and moods as drivers of consumer media use