Age: 19

Rutgers Grad Year: 2021

Major: Business Management



Gabriella, you came from a Homeschool self-taught system, how did that work?

Basically, I would get my syllabus, complete my homework by the due date, and send it in to the system we used for grading. You had to be very independent for it to work honestly!


Wow, your discipline was certainly on display in that situation.  Post-homeschool graduation, why did you choose Rutgers School of Business – Camden (RSBC)?

I chose Rutgers School of Business-Camden because my brother in-law attended Rutgers a few years prior and he loved it! I love the fact that it is a close-knit community. That’s what really drew me in.


What originally made you want to get into marketing?

I technically am a management major, but I found a passion for marketing through my mom’s digital marketing company, Zinman Interactive. I’ve been proofing website’s she created since I was about 8 years old, and realized I have an eye for marketing and design work.


That’s invaluable experience to be around that type of business from such a young age.  In 2018 you were accepted into our Business Leader Development Program (BLDP).  What impact has that had on you?

The BLDP has been extremely eye opening for me. In your first semester of being accepted into the BLDP, you have to take a seminar, which I just completed.  It was awesome! We had several speakers from various companies come in and talk to us. We also had a project where we were partnered with a non-profit to create a marketing plan and present it to them.


What has surprised you the most about Rutgers-Camden from the time you arrived?

What surprised me most about Rutgers-Camden from the time that I arrived is the sense of community. It was very warm and welcoming.  You don’t get that everywhere.


We spoke recently about your future and we’re glad to hear that you had secured an internship in your Freshman year!  Is there a favorite class of yours that you feel has prepared you for work?

I think the class that has prepared me most to secure an internship my freshman year was Business Essentials with Professor Vance. He was extremely informative and I can take a lot from that class with me moving forward.


What’s one piece of advice that you would like to give to a current Homeschool senior that is looking towards making a college decision?

Take a deep breath. Make sure to tour every campus and imagine yourself there before making your final decision.  It can seem like a huge weight on your shoulders, but if you really try to imagine yourself at that school, it makes the decision easier. And if you’re a homebody, make sure to stay somewhere local, at least for the first 2 years.