Age: 19

Rutgers Grad Year: May 2022

Major: Management

High School: Paul VI


Molly Buechele


1. Hi there, Molly. So glad that we are getting a chance to speak during this hectic time of year. So you graduated in 2018 from Paul VI.  What played into your decision of attending Rutgers – Camden after attending a non-public high school?

I always had an interest in attending law school.  A family friend, who was attending Rutgers Law School had recommended it to me. I started to look more into undergraduate programs at Rutgers and came to campus for a visit. During my visit I fell in love with the environment of the School of Business and the campus atmosphere. Another factor that interested me was the opportunity to grow.  I didn’t feel that other colleges offered the same level as RUC.


2. It must feel great to almost be at the halfway point of your undergraduate career. Has there been anything that has surprised you since joining RUC?

Now that I am halfway to graduation, I was surprised how much I could accomplish in just two years here.  I was also surprised of how many opportunities our campus has had to offer, regardless of the small size.


3. That’s great to hear. Have you had a chance to get involved in those opportunities?

I started to get involved by being the Ice Hockey manager as well as a general member on the Campus Activities Board (CAB).  At the end of my first year, I decided to run for E-Board for CAB and was elected as Vice President.  I wanted to be more involved in the School of Business, so I talked to one of my professors and was recommended to join the Business Leader Development Program. Now that I am in my sophomore year, my thirst to grow is stronger than ever.  I recently received an offer to manage our new men’s lacrosse club team and I am excited for what my next two years have to offer.


4. Every year we hear our upperclassmen harping for our underclassmen to get involved in BLDP when they have the chance. How has that experience been for you?

The BLDP has opened so many doors for me, from meeting CEOs of different companies and learning different types of skills I can bring to the table when I graduate. The BLDP program has felt like a family to me and I highly recommend applying for it.


5. Even our visiting alumni come back and talk about how their BLDP family still keep in-touch and the opportunities that it gave them. The best part for you is you now have that network, in addition to plenty of time to continue that growth.

Absolutely.  I plan on continuing to be involved on campus, especially with the School of Business. Although, off-campus I plan on continuing my volunteer work through my current title as ‘Miss Congeniality of Somerdale’, and in April I will be running for Miss Somerdale.


6. Wow, well congratulations on your title and it sounds like you are quite busy. Do you manage to find time to work as well, or are you just focusing on your studies?

Actually, I currently work two jobs.  I am a shift manager at McDonalds where I manage from a range of 60-75 crew members depending on the season and I am a host at Wild Wing Café.

7. Quite impressive for a sophomore to be able to balance your schedule. We’re proud to have you. What’s one piece of advice that you would give the current PVI Senior class?

One piece of advice I would give to the current PVI Senior class is to not be afraid to get involved on campus. I know starting college is overwhelming solely from a workload perspective, but building a strong network from the beginning will help you with the rest of your college career and beyond.