Age: 20
Rutgers Grad Year: May 2020
Major: Management
High School: Haddon Heights High School



Billy, you came here from Haddon Heights High School, why did you choose Rutgers School of Business – Camden?
Rutgers is close to where I grew up and I knew I was looking to commute. I had heard Rutgers was a great school from peers, counselors, and alumni. Rutgers is also a well-known business school and my major is Management, so there wasn’t a better option!


Well we’re glad we have you in our Raptor family! What originally made you want to get into the Management field?
I’ve always wanted to own my own business because both of my parents do. My dad is a farrier and my mom and aunt own a daycare. Just from watching my parents, I was highly interested in the ownership/management portion of the business. I’ve also been on the other side of the workforce. I’ve had a job since I was 14. I certainly enjoy the management side much more


Have you gotten involved in the world of Management during your time on-campus
Yes, I have. I am currently Vice President of the Student Management Association. This has lead me to many great networking opportunities along with learning a lot about management itself. This is a really involved club that takes a lot of time, commitment, and collaboration, much like a high-level management job would entail. This was the best club I could have joined for my major and future.


Sounds like you’ve been busy. What do you like to do in your free time off-campus
In high school I was an athlete and a musician. I don’t play any sports on campus; however, I love to play soccer and basketball with friends. I also still play the drums. I spend a lot of time with my family and girlfriend too, but I spend most of my time away from Rutgers working. I have three part-time jobs. I do maintenance work, landscaping, and on the weekends, I deliver pizza. I have a small management roll at the pizza place, and also I am learning a management role in the maintenance field.


What has surprised you most about Rutgers – Camden from the time you arrived?
Rutgers – Camden is a very easy commute from my house. The train is really convenient, and it’s not hard to find if you drive! Also, the amount of diversity surprised me. Working with diverse cultures and ethnicities is a great way to enhance my experience. Everyone is different and it is really interesting to work with such diverse groups of people. I feel that is an essential tool a leader must have.


So, you’re only a Sophomore. You have so much time to continue to get involved, gain internship opportunities, and grow. Is there a favorite class on the horizon that you’re looking forward to – to prepare you for your career in the future?
Fittingly, all of the business classes I take really interest me. I love learning about the “numbers-side” and logistics of what it really takes to run and operate a business. I have had many professors that have made learning about business aspects intriguing.


It’s great to hear that your experience in the classroom has been as rewarding for your future in management as your activities have been around campus. What’s one piece of advice that you would give the current Haddon Heights Senior class?
College is very different from high school. An important factor to stay on top of everything is to get involved. Constantly having a commitment really keeps you moving and motivated. Also, if you see yourself struggling in classes or organizations you’ve joined, don’t hesitate to go to your professor’s office hours. In addition, there are many resources available to you on-campus. They are here to help!