Age: 18
Rutgers Grad Year: May 2021
Major: Marketing
High School: Old Bridge High School



Brian, you traveled down from Central Jersey to choose Rutgers School of Business – Camden.  What were some of your deciding factors when you compared RUC vs some other universities in your backyard?
I picked Rutgers School of Business – Camden because Rutgers is recognized nationally and I’d be closer to my girlfriend


Well we’re glad we have you in our Raptor family!  What originally made you want to get into the Marketing field?
I did freelance work on Twitter since I was 15 working on accounts for clients. After seeing the potential and profit from doing this for over three years, when it came to picking my major it wasn’t difficult.


Have you gotten involved in the world of Marketing during your time on-campus?
Yes! I’ve freelanced with many small companies. As a Social Media Influencer, I have gotten the chance to see how the field is and make connections with many entrepreneurs.


That’s great that you’re not only growing yourself as an influencer, but also turning that into a profitable business.  How do you see that helping you in the future?
I see my skills in social media being used in the future for a fashion niche business. The connections I’ve made throughout my career would help me out with this as well as my own social media followings.


What has surprised you most about Rutgers – Camden from the time you arrived?
The thing that surprised me the most when I arrived at RUC was the professors. My first semester here I thought my gen. ed. Would be taught by professors who just regurgitated words on a PowerPoint, but I was pleasantly surprised to have a different experience where the professors I had were actually engaging with the classes and it made the transition easier.


So, you’re only a Freshman.  You have so much time to get involved on-campus, but is there a favorite class on the horizon that you’re looking forward to – to prepare you for your career in the future?
I’m excited for the marketing focused classes towards the end of my academic career at RUC. It would help me tone the skills I already possess and teach me new skills I’ll use for a lifetime.


That should be extremely beneficial!  What’s one piece of advice that you would give the current Old Bridge Senior class?
One piece of advice I’d give to them would be to follow your aspirations and don’t let anyone get in your head. It’s your life so take control of it.