Age: 22
Rutgers Grad Year: 2018
Major: Finance
High School: Eastern Regional High School

















Kyle, you came here from Eastern High School, why did you choose Rutgers School of Business – Camden?
My father was also a business major at Rutgers, and I wanted to be successful like him.  After attending the Rutgers Biz Ed program as a rising High School Senior, I was certain that Rutgers was a tremendous school with an outstanding educational curriculum.

You decided on Finance as your major.  What originally made you want to get into that field?
Regardless of your career choice, finance will be an integral part of everyday life.  From paying bills to choosing investments for your portfolio, it is necessary to have a strong grasp of financial concepts.  My father bought me basic financial books when I was young, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Have you gotten involved on-campus?
The Road to Wall Street Club was founded in 2016 because I saw an opportunity to return the favor of students that assisted me in the past by helping other students find careers, while simultaneously putting Rutgers “on-the-map” in NYC. The Road to Wall Street Club strives to help bridge-the-gap between talented students at Rutgers and professional employers in NYC and Philadelphia.  The club has been incredibly successful, as we have established lasting relationships between Rutgers and Wall Street firms.

Recently your Road to Wall Street Club organized a student trip to NYC.  Could you tell us what you visited there and how it went?
We received inside tours of the New York Stock Exchange and Bloomberg Headquarters. It was an absolutely incredible experience, as the staff of both respective locations went out of their way to make our club feel welcome and answer all of our questions.  The trip wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated Club Executive Board Members: Aaron Williams (VP), Jessica Hagmaier (Exec. Secretary), Anthony Guzman (Treasurer), and Luke Demarino (Officer).  They demonstrated excellent time-management and communication skills.  The Student Experience Center coordinator, Dan Rosenthal, our advisor, Ralph Giraud, and Arthur Cheney were also instrumental in helping us plan the trip.  I would also like to thank my father, Bill Kowal for his unwavering support.

Are you currently involved in anything outside of Rutgers?
When I was a freshman at Rutgers, many alumni and upperclassmen went out of their way to help me gain “real-world” experience through internships at top-tier financial and accounting firms such as: Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo Financial Advisors, and Gold Gerstein Group CPA Firm. 
I am currently working at Wells Fargo Advisors. I have my Series 7 (Stockbrokers License) and am currently working towards the Series 66.
I am lead guitarist of hard-rock band “POWERHOUSE.” We have recorded albums in professional studios and have performed in Philadelphia and North Jersey.
Additionally, I am an avid car enthusiast.  I enjoy driving my v8 Mustang and 1973 Mercedes Benz.

Wow, sounds like you’ve accrued a nice list of internships during your time here.  Those are all great companies to cut your teeth.  Is there a favorite class of yours that you feel has prepared you for work?
My finance classes with Professor Giraud and Professor Broussard have done a great job preparing me for the “real-world” of finance.  Also, leadership classes such as the Business Leader Development Program with Dr. KS and Organizational Behavior with Dr. Dwertmann have been instrumental.

What has surprised you most about Rutgers-Camden from the time you arrived?
I was pleasantly surprised by how willing Rutgers staff and alumni were to mentor me and lend career advice.  Alumni like James McCarthy (Goldman Sachs) and Bill Booz (Vanguard) were instrumental in the formation of the club.  Also, all of the students at Rutgers care about each other and help each other out.

That surrounding support from peers, staff, faculty, and alumni is really great to hear.  What’s one piece of advice that you would give the current Eastern senior class?
If you set a goal and truly believe in that goal and yourself with passion and conviction, you will eventually achieve it.  Don’t ever let anyone discourage you from following your dreams.