Age: 20
Rutgers Grad Year: 2019
Major: Management
High School: Kingsway Regional











Myiah, you came here from Kingsway regional high school, why did you choose Rutgers-Camden School of Business?
I chose Rutgers-Camden School of Business because how close it is to home and how well known the School of Business is around the region and state.  Once I got on campus I knew I made the right decision.


What originally made you want to get into the Management major?
I chose a Management major because of what I want to do with my career. I would love to become a corporate attorney and I think that majoring in Business Management will help me reach my goal.


Have you gotten involved on-campus?
Yes, I am involved on campus! I am captain of the volleyball team, co-chair of the NCAA Student Athletic Advisory Committee and a member of the Raptor Ambassador Program.   


Wow, sounds like you’re very active.  How do you feel these experiences will help you in life after Rutgers?
These experiences will help me in my life after Rutgers because it will help with my leadership qualities and also how to manage my time properly.  The size of our campus allowed me to gain experience that relates directly to my major.


What has surprised you most about Rutgers-Camden from the time you arrived?
When first arriving at Rutgers-Camden what surprised me the most was how friendly the students and staff were and how easy it was for a commuter to get involved on campus.  I knew I could continue Volleyball after Kingsway, but I had no idea of all the opportunities available here.


What’s one piece of advice that you would give the current Kingsway senior class?
Stay involved, manage your time wisely and don’t forget to follow your passion!