Age:  20

Rutgers Grad Year: 2021

Major: Accounting & Finance

High School: Collingswood



1. Tasnimul, you came here from Collingswood High School, why did you choose Rutgers School of Business – Camden?

I chose Rutgers School of Business – Camden because of the intimate campus size, and the strong reputation of the Rutgers School of Business. In addition to the vibrant and diverse community. When I first stepped foot on this campus during a tour, I had a strong feeling that this is where I wanted to be.


2. Well we’re glad you’re here and double majoring! What made you want to take on both Accounting AND Finance?

While I was researching and figuring out what I wanted to major in, I came across a few different fields such as engineering, psychology, and criminal justice. The one that really stuck out to me was business.  As soon as I knew I wanted to be a business major, I reached out to two of my good friends and Rutgers Alumni, Aynul Hasnat and Mohammed Karim. They showed me the ropes and made me realize what I can do with a dual major in Accounting and Finance. Now I’m here following in their footsteps.


3. Have you been able to get involved in the corporate world during your time on-campus?

Yes, during my time on-campus I’ve networked and built relationships with employers from J.P. Morgan Chase, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). I came across PwC in my first semester at Rutgers.  I was able to participate in two of their programs which led me to an internship offer for Summer 2019.


4. That’s fantastic! Any other leadership roles you’ve held during your short time on-campus?

I was the treasurer of Management Student Association in Spring, 2018. Now I’m currently the SBC At-Large Representative for the Student Government Association (SGA) and a member of the Business Leader Development Program (BLDP).


5. Sounds like you’ve been busy. What do you like to do in your free time outside of the classroom?

During my free time outside of classroom, I volunteer for Young Muslims, an organization that provides the youth with an Islamic atmosphere where they can form bonds of brotherhood with their peers, they become comfortable with Islam and its teachings.


6. What has surprised you most about Rutgers – Camden from the time you arrived?

 The amount of opportunities that there are for you to get involved and stand out amongst the rest.  Also, at first it was surprising to me how all of the students at Rutgers care about and help each other.


7. So, you’re only a Sophomore. You have so much time to continue to get involved, gain internship opportunities and grow.  Is there a favorite class on the horizon that you’re looking forward to – to prepare you for your career in the future?

I’m looking forward to taking Intermediate Accounting 1 and Intermediate Accounting 2. Two of the major courses that’ll definitely be challenging but will surely prepare me for my career in the future.


8. That should be extremely beneficial! What’s one piece of advice that you would give the current Collingswood Senior class?                     

The biggest thing that I’ve learned along this journey is not to take advice from people who operate from a place of fear and are unqualified to give it. I think that’s a natural tendency for a lot of human beings, especially seniors in high school.


Thank you for speaking with us Tasnimul!