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Business Leader Development Program (BLDP)

Breaking News:

Fall 2015 BLDP Seminar: Leadership: Get Your Seat at the Table

Applications submission begins March 4, 2015 and accepted on a rolling basis.

About the Seminar: Leadership: Get Your Seat at the Table. Your success in business is tied in part to your communication skills. Whether it’s talking to your team or clients, making a presentation or listening to a manager’s work challenges, leadership involves honing and crafting your soft skills to complement your business expertise. During this course we will examine a variety of real-life business scenarios to analyze communication plusses and minuses. Students will have the opportunity to interview several business leaders from different business and non-profit segments in class and at their place of work. Students will also prepare several presentations and lead class ‘meetings’ to hone and craft soft skills.

About the Professor: Professor Brenda Jorett is a public relations consultant and owner, What’s Next Productions, LLC. She is a part-time lecturer, Rutgers SBC teaching Business Communications and a veteran broadcast news journalist.

Who Can Apply: Students in both the Rutgers School of Business (RSBC) and College of Arts and Science (CAS) are invited to apply for enrollment in the BLDP seminar. All applicants are expected to meet both of the following selection criteria: Have sophomore standing* or above and have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above. A student can take the seminar without completing any of the other requirements for the BLDP. The 3 credits earned from the seminar are accepted as a business elective for most majors and concentrations. NOTE: *Second-semester freshmen and transfer students may apply.

Meeting Time: Friday 9:00 AM – 11:40 BSB-109

First Round Application Deadline: Ensure your spot in this unique seminar by applying before the early registration deadline of Friday, April 15, 2015, at 5 p.m.. Space in the seminar is limited to 20 students. Applications will be taken after this date until the seminar is filled.

Application Information: Click Here!

New BLDP applicants: Each application must be supported by two reference letters. One of the references must be from a professor or instructor, the other from a non-relative (preferably a current or former employer or supervisor) who can attest to the applicant’s character, motivation, and/or leadership potential. All reference letters should be directed to: Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, BLDP Director, School of Business, Rutgers University, 227 Penn St., Camden, NJ 08102 at Your application will not be considered complete until the two reference letters have been received.

Repeat seminar participants:Repeat seminar participants will be asked to write a brief essay explaining their desire to take the additional seminar. This essay should be submitted via the BLDP online application, including your name and anticipated date of graduation. New letters of recommendation are NOT required.

In October 2004 the faculty of Rutgers, School of Business-Camden approved a new program, the Business Leader Development Program (BLDP) to provide enhanced leadership training, networking, and mentoring by RSBC faculty and industry business leaders.

Application submission opens each October and March via an online form. Faculty are welcome to nominate high-achieving students for BLDP membership.

Admitted students must complete a BLDP seminar during the semester following their acceptance into the program. BLDP seminars satisfy the initial requirement for members and count as a general business elective for most majors/concentrations. A BLDP seminar is offered each semester, and its topics are intended to appeal to students with diverse backgrounds, i.e., students do not need in-depth background in any particular discipline.

Seminar topics have varied from Business Success to Power Corrupted, as well as Leadership in the Financial Services Sector, and Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Proposed seminar topics for upcoming semesters are: finance (Spring 2014), marketing (Fall 2014), and accounting (Spring 2015).

Once students enroll in and/or complete a BLDP seminar, they are also members of the BLDP Community, a much larger group of high-achieving students who will have several opportunities for participating in leadership activities throughout the academic year. The BLDP Community activities include monthly Community Lunches, Chamber of Commerce activities, RSBC executive lunch series, service learning activities, and the executive shadowing program.

BLDP students may also pursue BLDP Honors designations by earning verified leadership units (click here for more information on obtaining Leadership Units).

If you need additional information, please contact Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, BLDP Director, at, call 856-225-6592, or pick up materials at BSB Office 258.

Statement of Values:

Our selection criteria and development activities are based on a belief that leaders:

  • Go beyond what is required in developing personal and intellectual capabilities.
  • Initiate or contribute substantially to programs, activities, or events that help others.
  • Serve as a model of excellence to others in their determination, drive, self-discipline, demeanor, sense of fairness, self-confidence, respect for others and highest ethical behavior.
  • Be accountable for getting things done with and through others.

Program Premise and Benefits:

The Business Leader Development Program is a customized approach through which high potential students develop the skills and habits of leadership to carry forward into their business careers.

  1. Through a seminar application process we identify leadership potential in high-caliber School of Business students
  2. By promoting the program, we create awareness of special opportunities available in the School of Business, from which each individual can select his or her preferred activities by which to excel.
  3. Through special recognition for program completion, we offer a mechanism for showcasing student’s leadership during their time at Rutgers.  With ongoing involvement of area executives and past program participants, we supply exceptional networking opportunities to facilitate career opportunities. Every seminar includes special access to business executives (the target is at least 50% of the course be comprised of executive involvement).
  4. Every seminar includes emphasis on communication and interpersonal skills.