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Rutgers School of Business – Camden

Rutgers School of Business–Camden
Latin Honors 2023

Congratulations Class of 2023!

Graduation candidates at Rutgers School of Business–Camden  who demonstrate high levels of scholarship throughout their academic journay will graduate with Latin honors. There are three levels of Latin honors at graduation, based on the following scales:

Undergraduate Scale
Cum Laude (Honors): 3.500-3.749 GPA
Magna Cum Laude (High Honors): 3.750-3.899 GPA
Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honors): 3.900-4.000 GPA

Graduate Scale
Cum Laude (Honors): 3.75 – 3.84 GPA
Magna Cum Laude (High Honors): 3.85 – 3.94 GPA
Summa Cum Laude (Highest Honors): 3.95 – 4.0 GPA

Please Note: Honors designation is not official until all final grades, including spring term, are submitted to and conferred by the Registrar.

Student Honorees

Graduate Students

Professional MBA

BaskaranDivyaMagna Cum Laude
DasKingshukSumma Cum Laude
HanrahanCortlynMagna Cum Laude
KanitzAdamSumma Cum Laude
McmanusChristopherCum Laude
PalmerShardenaySumma Cum Laude
QuarnaccioKennethSumma Cum Laude
RajoliPreethiCum Laude
RastogiPallaviMagna Cum Laude
YanofchickToddCum Laude

Master of Business Administration

BryanJuliaCum Laude
CraverLiamSumma Cum Laude
CurreriMichelleMagna Cum Laude
DudekStephenSumma Cum Laude
EllerHailyi-AnnSumma Cum Laude
FoleyJamesSumma Cum Laude
HaarJuliaCum Laude
HarrisRodneyCum Laude
HoJamesMagna Cum Laude
IslamSaifulCum Laude
JonesChristopherCum Laude
JoshiElizabethCum Laude
KawashKatarinaSumma Cum Laude
KernJonathanMagna Cum Laude
KishunJenniferMagna Cum Laude
LamShawnCum Laude
LuckettDevinMagna Cum Laude
LugoChristopherMagna Cum Laude
ManzellaCarlaMagna Cum Laude
McGeochAlexanderMagna Cum Laude
MeyerChristopherCum Laude
MilazzoMichaelMagna Cum Laude
MustachioCarmellaMagna Cum Laude
PalmerKhiryCum Laude
ParrenoKathyCum Laude
PhungPeterSumma Cum Laude
RanaMadhaviMagna Cum Laude
RanadiveMeghanaSumma Cum Laude
ReeckWilliamCum Laude
RobertsCarolineCum Laude
SahagianHaroutMagna Cum Laude
SerranoAliciaMagna Cum Laude
SevertNicoleMagna Cum Laude
ShapowBryanCum Laude
SlotoroffMarkSumma Cum Laude
TartaroneKarenCum Laude
WilliamsAndrewCum Laude
YounanCarolineSumma Cum Laude
ZaharievaKatyaMagna Cum Laude
ZinkRyanCum Laude

Master of Accountancy

Alba HernandezLisneyMagna Cum Laude
BelmontAndrewSumma Cum Laude
GustavsonErikSumma Cum Laude
KrohnLiamMagna Cum Laude
OchsShiraMagna Cum Laude
PernellAlisonMagna Cum Laude
PeterpaulAnthonyCum Laude
SteinmetzRachelMagna Cum Laude
WesleyEugeneSumma Cum Laude

Master of Science in Business Analytics

ArkhipovArseniySumma Cum Laude
BoucherCadyMagna Cum Laude
CheungJeannetteMagna Cum Laude
CheungKwanMagna Cum Laude
DesalvatoreAshleyMagna Cum Laude
FelicianoRosaSumma Cum Laude
GarayBrunoSumma Cum Laude
HowarthDavidSumma Cum Laude
LeNgocSumma Cum Laude
LeeAllanCum Laude
LinaAmySumma Cum Laude
ParekhRikkinSumma Cum Laude
PatelMayurSumma Cum Laude
RestrepoSandyCum Laude
SinghSunil KumarSumma Cum Laude
SrivastavaAbhinayCum Laude
WuVictoriaSumma Cum Laude
Undergraduate Students

Bachelor of Science

AguileraCaorlyCum Laude
AllisonAdamCum Laude
ArrezaAngelicaCum Laude
BelkoferDeidraSumma Cum Laude
BennyMariaMagna Cum Laude
BierColinSumma Cum Laude
Caridad-FuentesEmilyCum Laude
CarpenterEthanMagna Cum Laude
ChislumJocelynCum Laude
De SantisMadisonMagna Cum Laude
DecroceGavinMagna Cum Laude
DemareoPatrickCum Laude
DixonDillonMagna Cum Laude
EakinDavidSumma Cum Laude
El-ShaarawyMohamedCum Laude
FarrellAdamCum Laude
GorsakErikCum Laude
GundersonMeganSumma Cum Laude
JiangJacksonCum Laude
JiangLiyunCum Laude
LeHuyCum Laude
LeJasonSumma Cum Laude
LinShanMagna Cum Laude
LouieKarenCum Laude
MahallatiJaredMagna Cum Laude
MartinTaylorCum Laude
MartinezElianMagna Cum Laude
MartoranoKalelCum Laude
MillerJacobMagna Cum Laude
Mingroni-DievaJosephMagna Cum Laude
MortonZacharySumma Cum Laude
MurphyJackCum Laude
NicholsMadisonCum Laude
O’LearyGeraldCum Laude
OwensTayloreSumma Cum Laude
PamukGizemMagna Cum Laude
PatelRiaSumma Cum Laude
PitelTessaMagna Cum Laude
PulleyDylanMagna Cum Laude
RandolphJaynaMagna Cum Laude
RhodaMikaylaMagna Cum Laude
RodriguezEmanuelSumma Cum Laude
Rodriguez-CarrilloArturoMagna Cum Laude
RomanYamiletteCum Laude
RubioArianaCum Laude
SanchezZianiMagna Cum Laude
SchwabDanielCum Laude
ShreimNaseemCum Laude
StangoEmilyMagna Cum Laude
SutariaParitiCum Laude
SzangerRyanCum Laude
TortuNicholasCum Laude
TranTienCum Laude
TrowDylanMagna Cum Laude
Van DineConnorCum Laude
VazquezDannyCum Laude
VealeNicholasCum Laude
WakeleyDylanSumma Cum Laude
WhittickReginaMagna Cum Laude
WichrowskiDylanCum Laude
WursterMichaelCum Laude
YamamotoLauraSumma Cum Laude
YuanYitingCum Laude

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

AbdouAminaSumma Cum Laude
AndrzejewskiLukeCum Laude
AshbyJonnathanMagna Cum Laude
BlackTaidraCum Laude
Blancas YaurivilcaArmandoMagna Cum Laude
BlountJennyCum Laude
BolotovaAnnaCum Laude
BonillaAnthonyCum Laude
BubicMateaSumma Cum Laude
BursetFrancoSumma Cum Laude
CanallyDanielleMagna Cum Laude
CebulskiMelissaSumma Cum Laude
CernivaniThomasMagna Cum Laude
ChristadoreMichaelMagna Cum Laude
Cilia-SilvaMariaCum Laude
CintronEmilySumma Cum Laude
ClairLisaSumma Cum Laude
ClarkLorettaCum Laude
ClarkPatriciaSumma Cum Laude
CoolahanDanielleMagna Cum Laude
CordiJosephCum Laude
CortezJhoanaMagna Cum Laude
CoticelliFilamenaCum Laude
DalyChrystieCum Laude
DejesusMatthewCum Laude
Delcheva-BarredaSilviyaSumma Cum Laude
DoradoIsabellaMagna Cum Laude
EleftheriouAdamCum Laude
ElwardanyMazharMagna Cum Laude
FergensonCoryMagna Cum Laude
FerrellJordanCum Laude
FigueroaSamanthaSumma Cum Laude
FleresNicholasCum Laude
GalbraithShannonCum Laude
GambellaNicholasCum Laude
GoncalvesCristinaCum Laude
GreenawaltLaurenCum Laude
GregoliStevenMagna Cum Laude
HartAlexisMagna Cum Laude
HartDanielleMagna Cum Laude
IncledonMadalynMagna Cum Laude
IrizarryYvetteMagna Cum Laude
IvanovValeriyaMagna Cum Laude
JiriesAdamCum Laude
JulianRaymondMagna Cum Laude
KaderyIsratMagna Cum Laude
KhajanchiUmmehaaniSumma Cum Laude
LaskoRyanMagna Cum Laude
LaughlinSamuelMagna Cum Laude
LepselterJonathanMagna Cum Laude
LeveretteJamesonMagna Cum Laude
LloydJulianaSumma Cum Laude
MakaniAliefSumma Cum Laude
MalekMateoCum Laude
MarsanoBryanSumma Cum Laude
McGrawJohnCum Laude
MesarosJamesSumma Cum Laude
MillerJennaCum Laude
MoisaMihaelaCum Laude
NatoliAdamMagna Cum Laude
OjedaDanielaCum Laude
PaulinLeonardSumma Cum Laude
PearlAlexCum Laude
PellegrinoCaseyCum Laude
PetranyCaitlynCum Laude
PetschauerAlexandraCum Laude
RibleCraigCum Laude
RiglerStevenCum Laude
SantanaSadelCum Laude
SchmidtAmyCum Laude
SeranSavannahSumma Cum Laude
SmithRebeccaCum Laude
SolanMichaelMagna Cum Laude
SotoKelinaCum Laude
SpencerMarkCum Laude
TamburroMayraMagna Cum Laude
TerranovaJosephMagna Cum Laude
VandrielRachelCum Laude
VegaAnthonyCum Laude
VelezAshleyCum Laude
VinjamuriVictoriaCum Laude
WardTylerCum Laude
WinslowGeorgeMagna Cum Laude

Updated 6/1/2023.

For more details, check out the Rutgers–Camden Commencement webpage. For School-specific information and questions, please contact rsbc.info@camden.rutgers.edu.

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Rutgers-Camden students are invited to apply to apply for enrollment in the BLDP seminar. All applicants are expected to meet both of the following selection criteria:  (1) have sophomore standing or above and (2) have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above. First-semester transfer students will be evaluated based on their GPA earned at Rutgers. Students who fail to meet these admission criteria may still be allowed to apply for (and possibly enroll in) the BLDP seminar, but they will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The director balances evaluations to make final decisions on people accepted for the seminar (up to a maximum of 15-20 each semester).

Students who are admitted to the BDLP are required to adopt the BLDP Code of Conduct. A signed contract is required from each student.

Students may count activities toward “leadership units” that were initiated prior to taking a seminar, as long as those activities occured primarily during their enrollment in their academic program.

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